Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Baby In The House.

After yesterdays post guess what I'm doing to day?
I have the pleasure of this beautiful baby all day. This is my nephew and he is the baby of the family. He is sound asleep now, he went to sleep while I was feeding him. This is truly an example of Gods love, as he new I needed a baby fix and so he sent along this darling for me to look after. God is good. Look at that smile..........

I have to go through my summer clothes today for my trip to cairns. Gosh I hope every-thing fits or else I'm in trouble! Seems strange standing in the cold trying on summer clothes as it is 28 degrees in Cairns.
I have some cooking to do for when I'm away and menu planning to do. I think my Mum is brave coming to look after every-one here as she only had two children. Poor Mum she's only been cooking for her and Dad for the last 20 years and shes freaking about making such big meals. She'll be right, I've left instructions...
Well I've got a costume to make for William for his "letter Land" parade tomorrow, so I'd best get it done while baby is sleeping.


  1. Hi I have come to your blog from Scrub Oak (Susan). We are having beautiful weather in Brisbane at the moment, short sleeves today, I imagine that Cairns will be hot. The baby is just beautiful.

  2. well you got your fix Mandy didn't take long,lol....what a Beautiful Nephew you have...Your Mum is a Brave Woman.