Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting Ready To Scrapbook

I have had a fun time yesterday going through all the photos and getting ready to do some scrap booking. I have set a table up between two windows in the second room of The Old Dairy. This room is supposed to be getting decked out for visitors to come and stay, but I have until Christmas to worry about that. Then again they could use the caravan. Any-way back to the Dairy. Looking at the above photo it all looks to neat and tidy, in a few days it will be a different story. I have only done one album and that was for No 1 sons 21st birthday. Miss A is the scraper in the family.

This is her album above, a sisters page. I am going to start with last years photos and work on a year at a time I think. First I have to learn how to get the photos of the computer, and on to a disc and then print them. Talk about technically challenged...........That will be today's job as I have to go to town for soccer practice this arvo.So I'll find some where quiet to go and print out photos.

After setting up our scrap booking table I went for a walk and this is what I found, all the wattle is in bloom. Once I was out walking I could smell it all around, so I had to pick a bunch for the kitchen table.The bright yellow flowers look great in this room.

Today I'm going to get some patterns cut out before I have to go to town so when I finely get my machine back ( bad thoughts here @#!*#@%) I can just get in and sew sew sew.
I hope you all have a productive Wednesday, it is very cold here today so that's why I'll be staying inside.


  1. The wattle looks lovely against your blue walls. How's the little lamb doing? We raise some sheep and, I'll tell you, the saddest thing is when their mama doesn't like them. I've looked at your blog a couple of times in this last week and love your exuberance!

  2. Suzan,
    So sad our little Lilly passed away last night the children (and parents) are are devasted. The couple that gave her to us said that because she had never had her mothers milk that it often happens. A very sad learning curve.
    Thanks for visiting me ,I have now read your blog and am enjoying your farm life as I read about it.
    Blessings Mandy......