Wednesday, September 24, 2008


These clouds look promising!!!!!!!!!!!

We didn't get any storms or rain last night at all.........

Today though the frogs are croking and the clouds are building up so you never know.

Today has been a day of stripping the beds and washing all the flanalet sheets. Each child was in charge of there own beds to strip and hang out blankets on the veranda to air........

The beds are all made up with clean cotton sheets and the others are on the line drying. All the bedrooms are clean, dusted and vacuumed....The smell of spring is all around.

Here are my tiny little veges poking there heads up through the newly laid mulch. Every-thing is coming along nicely and next week I will plant more up so I have a continuous supply..

This is not a very good photo but it gives you an idea of the new garden area I have. I am going to plant a mixture of flowers and veges, I have decided. I have got paths going through, so there are 4 garden beds. I'm not to sure what I am going to put on the paths as I will have to put something on them as they get very muddy in the wet. May be sand? has to be cheap any way.
I will leave the gardens for awhile for the mulch to settle. Won't be easy waiting as I want to get in there and plant.
When the sun is shinning I will take a better photo.

Time to get back to the house work, then I will get out into the garden again, if my poor arms will work that is.....


  1. As much as I'd like it to rain, I don't like our chances. Here's hoping though.
    Great mulching job and I know how it can kill your arms!

  2. YOu look to be a very busy mom. Love the boys bed quilts. And love spring in the southern hemisphere.