Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Walk In The Garden

I have been busy scrape booking lots of holiday photos in my album. I am also getting through all the family photos as well I'm really enjoying this trip down memory lane. I am doing one album of my life to have for my children and they love looking at Mum as a baby and a little girl.

The very exciting news is I have power in my sewing room, even though I have been sewing since I moved in I have had to run a power lead from Cassies cubby house, I could never use it at night as I had no lights.....I have now. Lots and lots of wonderful energy efficient down lights and power points every where. I just had to show you photo of one of my lights (humor me please)
The above wall hanging is a gift from my Mum. Not only did she look after my children while I was away but she came bearing gifts. This is truly a beautiful gift. Mum embellished it all with beads enlarge the picture to have a better look.

Out to the garden for a walk in the sun...........

My book leaf or Bohemia tree is all out in bloom and smells wonderful, looking at the close up photo the flower looks a bit like some orchids I think. I have no idea how old these trees are, there are two of them side by side. They were mature trees when we moved in nearly 20 years ago. I think they are such a delicate flower. They are one of my favourites.

Lavender is blooming and bees are buzzing, the roses are all starting to shot won't be much longer and they will be in flower.

This is the first year I have ever planted ranunculus, I planted them in a rose garden I have near the pool. I will be planting a lot more for next spring as the make a really good show..

This is my King orchid they are native to our parts, this one has lived in the mulberry tree for 30 years. The creamy flower looks so spectacular against the orange clivias. It has nearly wrapped around the tree and there are more stems on the other side to.

Thanks for coming for a walk through the garden with me I enjoyed it, now though I had better get some work done.....
Have a great day


  1. It's all looking lovely Mandy. The ranunculus are a favorite of mine. I wish I had a king orchid, one of them round to it jobs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi there, thank you for your kind comment on my blog have a lovely blog, I'm off to read some more!

    love, Tina :)

  3. Everything! - Just lovely. Get on with you - orchids?? That wall hanging is a treasure. And I'm glad for you to have power in your sewing room. It's a handy thing to have:) I need more heat in mine - I freeze in the winter and the space heater costs too much to run.