Monday, November 24, 2008

A Busy Week Ahead.......

What a busy week end we had.
No more rain though. The creek is going down, there is still one crossing over,
so it wouldn't take much to bring them back up.
But the wind, it has been howling here for three days now.
Any one else getting it?
We haven't had any damage from it, others down in the valley have lost shed roofs.
On Saturday night we had a lovely time at our friends who renewed there wedding vows. There were two couples that did them. One couple had been married 22 years on the 22-11-08.
It was very romantic. The photo above is of them. Hubby lead them through their vows,
he was having trouble reading what they wrote as he left his glasses at home and had to borrow some.
Sunday we braved the wind to go to church. Boy were we glad to get down off the mountain and back to our valley.
Cleaned up some fallen branches and then it was of to another party.
We have something on every weekend between now and Christmas. I love this time of year with all the Christmas parties. Not so much for the
parties as for the people and the catching up with one another.
This after noon I am going to start putting up the Christmas decorations.
I love Christmas and every-thing about it. That is why today's post is a quick one.
Lots to do. I'll show you some photos later in the week.
I won't be posting everyday this week as it the children's last week of school and there is so much on. But I will make time of an evening to drop by and say hello.......


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