Friday, November 14, 2008

A Day In My Life........

I blogged this morning before I realized it was the 14th, never mind ........
As I said earlier I woke up nice and early this morning and got one basket of laundry folded
lunches and breakfast made.
Sat down for a nice cuppa when I realized I hadn't put the washing on. Jumped up and proceeded
to trip down the stairs...
Time to take children to the bus asked 19 yr old to drive them as my foot was throbbing.
Sat down for awhile and rested my foot then thought that I'd do my blog. (1st one)
Finely got the load of washing on.

Then I hobbled out and hung it up.
Foot still sore so again hobbled up to my sewing room and rested there for awhile watching the geese annoy the cows,
My foot started to feel a bit better so I was able to sit at my sewing machine
and sew.

I got so much sewing done, this apron is for my eldest daughter who doesn't live at home.
It turned out quite retro I think. I love aprons and collect all old ones from second hand shops. I also love making them.

I also got all of DIL quilt top done all to do now is put the border on and quilt it.
I also started this little (below) cushion for my youngest daughter.
Once the quilt and this cushion is done I have finished my Christmas Present sewing..

Chloe came home from town and we spent some time to geather as she was getting ready.
Chloe is off to her sisters for the week end in Roma. There is a group going out there this weekend for the Roma Races. So she was able to get a lift out as it is a four hour drive.
Before I knew it, it was 3.30 pm and time to go and get the children from the bus stop.
We all said Bye to Chloe and then in for
After noon tea and they were in the pool.......
I managed to get a bit more sewing done.

Then it was tea time sausages and fresh asparagus for hubby and I the children
had sausages in bread as a hot dog, there favorite Friday night tea.

6:45p.m and we were in the car to take the girls to youth group in Toowoomba.
Back home and did the washing up.
Watched T.V with the little boys. We watched Honey I Shrank The Kids.
The boys loved it (so did I )
9p.m Boys to bed. In the car back to Toowoomba pick up girls.
Youngest is covered in cake as tonight is the last youth for the year and they ended with a cake fight.
9.45pm and phone rings.... Chloe has got to Roma safely.Thank you Lord.....

I will Finnish my blog and have a bath and off to bed.
My foot is much better and I am walking O.K.
thanks for the well wishes girls.

All have a great blessed weekend.


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  1. Love the Apron...Hope you are resting that Foot...with Needle & Thread of course.!!