Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lovely, lovely rain.......50mls of it........

Our house tank was nearly out of water so the rain last night was greatly appreciated
Hubby and I sat on the veranda with a glass of wine and watched the rain fall
and run into the tank........
It was better than any show on T.V that's for sure.
All the roses and budlias are starting to flower,
this is my back garden, the bulbs are all dying off and look a bit untidy.
But the day lillies are all starting to flower, I have lots of different colours this season as
last summer I planted alot of new ones I got
from the markets.
Below are two patterns that I found in a shop at Charters Towers.
They were only $2 each.
I can't wait to give the top nightie a go. The bottom one is winter nighties, so that will be awhile
before I try it.
I have lots of left over lace and bits and pieces that will go
on to them. I love my PJs to look pretty.

This is the material that DIL Karen picked out for her "stack and whack" quilt.
I had a busy day in the sewing room yesterday making all the squares.
They look so good all these colours together.
I may give you a sneak peak, but not much as DIL reads this blog and I don't want to
ruin the surprise for her..

O! While I was away my washing machine blew up. ......
It has been making awful noises for about 12mths and I new it was on the
way out.So of course it had to happen while I'm away.
I didn't realize how bad the other one was until I used the new one. Funny how you get used to things. All my clothes are coming out so much cleaner.
O.K I spend alot of time in my laundry but come on doesn't
Miss Kleenmaid look pretty........
I have to get to know her though, as I have been missing the grey water.
I use the grey water on my garden so I really need to learn when it is going to pump out and collect my water.

Today is a quiet day as being Thursday I am looking after my niece and nephew.
As the baby is only 8 mths old I don't get alot done with him here.
I would like to say hello to all the new ladies that have stopped by.
And thank you all for the comments that you leave, I love
reading them.
Jacqui when we picked the olives we used little rakes
just like the ones the kiddies use in the sand pit.
You put a tarp under the tree and rake through the branches and the olives fall
onto the tarp.
I then soaked my olives in salt water for about 3 weeks.
Changing the water every 2 days.
By the end of 3 weeks they weren't bitter any more and were soft.
I then bottled then with clean salted water.
This was the first time I have done olives and they turned out great.
I hope this has given you an idea any way, come olive season I will go through it again..........
Well Baby is waking up so I must go
until tomorrow


  1. ooer thanks mandy
    i had no idea...and we r going to have kilos of the things because our trees r loaded with them. i will have to show dh todayw hen he comes home from work as he had no idea either.

    loving miss kleenmaid...i love their stuff tough as nails

  2. Good thing you were away when the machine croaked I remember when my last one died I was beside myself if nothing else gets done the washing always does - because as you know miss one day and you could be buried alive under the stuff.

    I have been popping in and out all day to check and reply to things. We went off to Campbells this morning and did the big toilet paper, baking paper,canned goods shop for the next 6 months. Then off to Brich to buy some felting tools for some girls in my patchwork group.

    Now I have put most of it away and am having a cold glass of water before I go and check out what the rain has done to my garden - besides making everything so green it hurts your eyes.

    Love the nightie patterns did you see the website for the fishermans pants??


  3. Hello mandy
    Lucky you getting rain - we could do with some down here in Victoria
    Loved the sound of your garden, mine is very dry, maybe the weatherman will get it right and the rain will come tomorrow.
    Your sewing machine is going to be really busy by the sound of it - do you have fabric as well as the lacey bits or does that need a trip to Spotlight?
    Take care

  4. Your new lanudry Companion looks Gorgeous...way to go with the front loader as a water saver...we use to live on tank water in NSW so know what you mean about the's a Great feeling when they get low...Your stack & wack will look Great in those fabrics...

  5. Glad to help Jacqui, and Miss Kleenmaid even heats her own water,
    as the children say that's crazy, I think it's cool.........
    Daisymum havn't had a chance to look at the fishermans pants yet.....
    Cathy I have the perfect fabrics for the nightie, the problem is deceiding wich one to use!!!!
    Maree the panels have turned out great, I'm so happy with them.

  6. Hi loving my front loader too, but not much grey water comes out, mine only uses 41 litres for the whole wash but the Mullberry trees love it. I also am a keen sewer, especially when all the boys were little, i make my own soft furnishings now as well, cheapr when i get bored with the colours in a room. Am loving the space you have to garden with.