Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stockyard Stichers Christmas Party...

Meet our lovely Japanese girls they are Mai, Aya, Chisato and Yuri........

They are enjoying a fruit platter for Breakfast........I don't think I told you that Friday night at the Christmas Barby I won the fruit box in the raffle. God is good to me...........There was mango, nectarines, grapes, pineapple and so much more too much too mention .......all Australia's best fruit. The girls loved it as did we....

We had our craft Christmas party up in The Old Dairy.
So of course I had to decorate up there.
Took one of the Christmas Trees from the house up,
put up some tinsel and other decorations
to make it look the part.
I was so thankful that it was cooler for our lunch today,
there was a lovely breeze blowing as well which was a blessing.

I set the table with the gold cloth a it went well with all the white.
Every-one brought lots of Christmas goodies to eat, as we talked about what we would like to learn to do in the new year. Lots of ideas thrown around
so it will be an exciting year I think.

We all had to make our gift this year.
What a great variety we had, from scarves to cushions and even decorated coat hangers.
Every one was pleased with what they received.

I just realized that there is dates on the photos boy they're out by nearly 2 years, I'll have to work out how to change it. Might not be easy as I don't know how I put it on.......

Tomorrow I have to have the Japanese girls in to Gatton by 8 a.m
Then I need to go up to Toowoomba to take Robertson to the orthopaedic surgeon to have a look at his broken arm.
Tomorrow will be a full day I think.

Well time to get the girls to bed as they are leaving early tomorrow.

Blessings to all and thanks for the comments as I read each and every one of them.



  1. Hope everything goes well today with your sons wrist. What a time to break it christmas hols.
    Hope you have a nice day together anyway. Caroline

  2. What a gorgeous place to have a Christmas party...it looked really lovely Mandy.

    I am off to the Patchworkers Christmas party today but we have to go to the local football club (pokies, smokers out the front....) you get the picture. Not my cup of tea but I love these women so much I wouldn't miss it - it is all about the people hey??

    So we get to gether next week?


  3. Well done mandy...the old dairy came up a treat as always....I love reading your blog too...Refreshing and honest.

  4. Thanks for the well wishes Caroline' he is not a happy boy as he is limted to what he WANTS to do, motorbike ridding, swimming, rock climbing and hiking up the farm. There is still plenty he can do though just have to convince him of that....
    I hope your party goes well daisymum, your right it is the people your with that counts, enjoy your day.......
    Thanks cabbageheart I do love my dairy and had fun making it all chritmasy.....

  5. Your room looks lovely and cool.

    I have tagged you for a Christmas meme.

  6. Looks like it was a lovely party! Hope your son handles the next few weeks of plaster and healing.

  7. Sounds like you had a great time with the party.

    Life is certainly keeping you busy.