Monday, December 22, 2008

Storey Christmas Party......

We had our Storey Christmas on Sunday.
My husband is one of 10 children so it makes for a large family when we
all get together for Christmas.
7 out of ten families were there along with there
children and some grandchildren. There where 4 generations there.
Here I am with my girls.....
Cassandra, Karen, Jessica, Alanah, Me and Chloe.
It was so nice to have the family together,
I love being part of such a large family.
The children have lots of cousins to play with. So much catching up to do.

There was plenty of good Christmas goodies to eat and what would Christmas be without
water melon and a game of cricket.
Lots of pressies to open.
Grandma receiving all her presents as well.
Sunday was one of those days that you look back on when you get home and
know that it was a really great day.

Things have been busy here with everyone arriving home so my blogging has been a bit slow
but I'm sure we are all busy.
Today is lots of cleaning then tomorrow baking....
Only 3 more sleeps to go..........


  1. What a lovely family get together. The benefits of such a big family!

  2. I had to check carefully to find you in the photo of you and your girls...
    And I'm so glad you had a lovely time together!

  3. Megan I love being apart of a large family as there was only myself and my brother.
    Thanks Tatersmama that comment has made my day!

  4. We had a lovely day Sat. getting together with my husband's clan. Have left download cable home so not able to upload photos yet of the event. Lovely to see you and the girls.

  5. Thanks for sharing Mandy...Lovely piccie of You & Your Girls...all those Weddings...omg.!!!
    Merry Christmas