Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well I am finely catching up on Tags and awards......I no not before time. Daisymum
Has given me the Marie Antoinette keeping it real award, thanks for this Daisymum.
I do try to keep my blog real even though my Son commented that I sound like a nice Mum when he reads my blog. I informed him that I am nice!!!.....thank you young man wait till you get home and I will show you nice...........
Now where was I ....yes being tagged.
Lynda from Remote Tree Changer tagged me and the questions were..
Six things I value....
My freedom to go to church with out fear.
My Husband.
My family.
That I am able to stay at home and not have to go to work.
Knowing that I am truly loved.
All my blogging friends.
Six things I don't support.
Telemarketers arghhhhhhh
I was also tagged by daisymum for six things I'm Happy about.....
All my family have good health.......
School holidays
My eldest son and daughter in law will be home this week-end
It's nearly Christmas
The rain
All that God has blessed me with ...........
I am to pass these tags on......if you would like to do them consider your self tagged........
I was also given a GREEN AWARD from Nicole at for the life of me I can not work out how to link back, as soon as I work it out I will follow this through as it is a great meme.....
Thank you ladies for the awards and tags..

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