Monday, December 8, 2008

What A Week-end

We had the Local hall Christmas Tree on Friday night,
and guess what........ we got rained out!!!!
I don't think to many people minded though as the rain was good. 30 mls we got on Friday night.
Santa came and we sang Christmas carols and the children had there bag of lollies from Santa.
Then this at the end of the night......
Yep you guessed it!
Robbie broke his wrist.
My poor little boy, one of the big boys got a bit rough with playing, it was only a accident though just boys being boys.
He is in alot of pain with it though.

The wedding on Saturday was a real heat wave as it was so hot and humid,
I felt so sorry for the men in there suits.
Below is David, Ross and Adam,the three boys were Master of Ceremonies
for the wedding, they did a great job!

This photo is for my No 1 son who had to fly home alone very early Sunday morning.
Karen is staying down now so I know that David is missing his wife.
So here son is a lovely photo from the wedding of you both.

Here is the Bride and Groom.....
The bride was stunning, the whole wedding was just lovely, and once it rained
every thing cooled down....

We got 27mls of rain on Saturday night, some of the local creeks came down
and some of the boys couldn't get home from the wedding.

We have had so much wonderful rain all week end, the place is so green its hurting my eyes.........

This after noon we are getting 4 Japanese students for a couple of days.
So today will be busy making beds and getting rooms organized for them.

I hope every one had as great a week ed as I did.
Blessing to all..........



  1. Oh, a broken wrist for christmas! Poor thing. Just as it's getting hot. Luckily, casts are cool with one's mates...

    Men are so good putting up with suits on such hot days aren't they! I remember, before water restrictions, we used to set up sprinklers in the garden to create evaporative airconditioners for guests (but that was in hot dry country, not humid of course).

  2. Sounds like fun amidst the drama of a broken bone, and welcome rain. The wedding sounds like it went off well, shame they have to be separated so soon. Hope you enjoy your Japanese guests and then get a little time to yourself as you roll onto Christmas. Thanks for entering my give-away and becoming a follower.
    NOT sure if this will post twice now, sorry if it does

  3. Hope the wrist heals soon - lovely to see the sun shining for you, it is cold and wintry here today!

  4. PS there is an award for you at my blog