Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank You

The words thank you some times seem so inadequate don't they for what you are
feeling in side......But they are the only ones I can come up with.
So Thank-you my blogging friends.
Your prayers and blessings mean so much to us.
Every one of the verses that you gave me lifted my heart and gave me joy.
The photos are of my garden before I went away, guess what?
after a month they don't look that good any more.
Guess what I will be doing some time this week. Actually I can't
wait to get into my garden. The peace and quiet of it all.
The vege garden is all finished with just a few tomatoes left.
I have new stuff ready to go out this week end.

It has rained so much here that every thing has gone wild so lots of pruning to do.
I will get out and take some photos before I start cleaning
up so you can see the jungle.
To all my friends in the heat down south I hope you are all
doing O.K and taking things as easy as you can.
Well just a few more things in the house to do and then I'm
out to the garden for awhile.
Blessings to all


  1. I have been trying to take it easy, thanks Mandy.

    I have been thinking of your hobbies etc. and I'm glad for all the positives you have.

    They are lovely pictures.

  2. Mandy - you know that though we may never meet, we blogfriends are all praying for you, Greg and the family. May God give you all the grace and strength you need.
    Love and blessings - Angela
    [thanks for your comment on my blog]