Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gardening Weather

What wonderful weather we are having here at the
moment! I do like Autumn the air is fresh and there is always
so much to do in the garden to prepare for the coming months.
I have been busy pruning and mulching.
Lots of general tidy up happening.
When I drop the children of at the school bus I come back and have been
going straight out to the garden for an hour or so.
I love this time out in the garden but through Summer it is
to hot in the front garden and I have really
neglected it.

Down in the rain forest garden palm fronds are falling,
so there is alot of tidying to do there
as well.
There geraniums are always flowering though and put
on such a pretty show when every thing else is dying back..

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my men folk yesterday,
David is home safe and sound with his wife, we are missing him already.

Today is Greg's last chemo, he has had
his block of 8 treatments after today.
Then he has a break for a week and gets a scan to
see how things are progressing.
Thank you for all the prayers that I know are being said for
Greg. Hopefully after the scan we will have some good news.
He is doing really well and has been going into work
a bit more, he is even looking better.

Blessings to all

Monday, March 30, 2009

A weekend with David.....

The weekend just went to fast,
in a flurry activities.......
David is on his way to Brisbane,
Chloe and Alanah have taken him down, I really couldn't do
it again as I'm exhausted......
They will probably drag him through DFO near the airport,
I'm sure their having fun, as his plane doesn't leave till 12:30pm and
they left at 8 am plenty of time..
As they drove out they were taking photos
of there "road trip"
Country hicks those children of mine...

A quick photo of the men in my life before they
all head in different directions,school, plane, and work.

The boys all spent the better part of Saturday on the
farm branding, ear tagging and lots of fun I think.
I sat in my sewing room and just watched them as I sewed
and unpicked, but that's another post.

Plenty of fighting over whose going to drive the tractor,
but you can see that Will doesn't mind who drives it as long as he gets a ride.

It was a quick visit but one they both needed.
Memory making and isn't that what life should be full of
moments that make up a life time......

Blessings to all

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Look whose home.

I received this award from Home stay Mama a little while

ago.......Thank you so much for the award..

Go on over and say Hello if you have never visited before,

just click on the link below and lets hope I've done it right.

Guess who has flown home for the week end.

My big boy or as he likes to be known

No1 son (because he is the first born no favorites)

David has come down to visit his Dad as

he hasn't seen him since Greg got sick.

Which was only at Christmas, but so much has happened

and changed in those few short months.

They already are out to have a look at the cattle and do the rounds of the farm.

Will be a full but wonderful weekend.

My dear DIL is still in Charters on her own. But this girl will be busy working I'm sure as she works WAY to much........Hello Karen.....

I hope you all enjoy your week end


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well I'm back.........
Just a quick post to let you know
what I've been up too.........
I went up to the sewing room on Tuesday
to finish my quilt that I made before Christmas.....
All I had to do was stipple it.
As I have never done this before I was putting it of.

Well............I'm hooked..........
I love it.

I've quilted and sewed and
when I felt sore I went and did a little gardening.

Then today we had a show holiday, so
there was no school for the children.
Up to the sewing room I went and I got it all finished.

Then of course I had to make some
cushions to match...
Such a wonderful day and the lounge
looks new with the quilt and matching cushions.

Blessings to all


Monday, March 23, 2009

The Party...

What a great Party!!!!!!!!
Well worth the 800 odd klms we did over the week-end.
Driving out was alot of fun as a few of us drove out together,
lots of car swapping and storytelling going on.
I ended up with the boys of the family a couple of nephews
that like to tease the big girls.
It certainly wasn't a quiet trip out...
But a whole lot of fun....

Greg and Jessica

We decorated with balloons. Blew up about 70 with helium and
floated them in the roof of the marque. We
also had them around the tables as well.

Balloons in roof

The tables were just simple with candles and
flowers on them. As you can see the colour theme was
purple,pink and silver.


There were about 8 tables.
Jess has a lovely big yard so there was plenty
of room to spread out.


How's this for a funky cake.
It was mud cake not real heavy and sickly either.
Love the colours and the way the21 sits in the top.


Every-one had a turn of wishing Jess well.
Also a few tales to embarrass her. Not to mention a certain Aunty
that had drunk a bit to much wine and REALLY embarrassed
Jessica....For once it wasn't me....
Her boss also spoke and you could tell that they love her
and really respect her, which is a blessing for me in knowing she
is being looked after out there.

Cutting the cake

It was along and tiring week-end, but they always seem
the best ones when you look back.
Eldest son and wife couldn't make it down for the week end. Well they either came for the week end or come down over Easter. Coming at Easter
makes more sense as we all get to spend more time together.

Some of the family

Beside Jessica is her boyfriend Lachlan.

I know there is alot of photos, but son and DIL and friends
read the blog so I know that they will enjoy them.

Well I'm going to get a cuppa and see what the
rest of you got up to on the week end.



Friday, March 20, 2009

Off To Roma...........

Tomorrow is Jessica's 21st
Happy Birthday.
To think that 21 years ago we were blessed with our first daughter.
Jessica was the most beautiful baby girl
blue eyes, blond hair and so happy.
A big brother that thought that she was just for him to love.
Jessica may the Lord bless you as you walk your journey
on this earth. At 21 they say you are an adult but you have always been so much older than your years.
Even though you live away and are now grown into a beautiful woman you will always
be that tiny little baby girl to me.
Happy Birthday Jess...
We are of to Roma nice and early Saturday morning after voting.
Today I am doing up photos to display at the party.
I am doing up boards with the photos and sayings on them.
I'll take photos so
I'll have lots to share with you Monday.
Below is the fabric the girls from Japan gave us, I am going
to make a quilt out of them. The material is very thick and about the size of
a fat 1/4, so I think I'll make a stack and whack quilt.

Just a quick post today as I have to pack yet for the weekend. I
also have to take the youngest 3 to the dentist at 11am.

I hope you all have a relaxing week-end doing
the things you love to do.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where has the week gone!!!
Yesterday was a blur of running around getting last minute things for
Jessica's 21st, taking William to the dentist.( He was such a brave boy, he got a needle and
he didn't even realize and than got two fillings.)
I also did a little sewing to make a apron for Bronwyns Mums B/day...
I raided the stash,as it had to be pink, I didn't realize how much pink material I had.
Below is the sewing machine I got Jessica for her B/day.
I think all girls should have their own machine. She might even learn to
enjoy sewing one day.



Are you prepared for this!!!!

Well I did try to warn you!
Looking at this photo I now realize why Bronwyn kept laughing at me.
Now girls you know that you are true friends when I show you
photos like this. But let me tell you my skin feels smoother and fresher.
I love this photo though of us in the spa....
We did have some much needed fun and relaxation..

I thought I would give you a look at my garden up at the Old Dairy.

All of the plants in these gardens are cuttings from the
garden. The old bath was the cow trough in the old yards
and is now a pond for fish.

Above is looking up to the garden and
below I,m standing at the front looking down.

This is the front garden full of geraniums and roses.
Except for the roses, this is all from cuttings as well.
I planted this garden Mothers Day last year as I got the
roses for Mothers Day.

One of the things I love about gardening is creating a garden for
no cost. By planting plants that are hardy and easy to divide it is easy to
create a garden for no cost just some planning and digging.

Today I will be busy getting photo boards done up for Jess's 21st.
Than soccer practice this afternoon.
I am also of to get a much needed haircut.
I am one of those people that go months without one.

Enjoy your day

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A photo tour.......

You've probably been wondering where I've been since last Thursday?
Let me give you a photo tour.
Remember the Fig jam I was going to make?
here it is!!!!!!!! Only I didn't make it.

I went out to the garden to do some more wedding and fertilizing
and when I came inside here was Hubby making the jam......
O.K now I know he's bored!!!!!!He never cooks or does any thing in the kitchen
and here he is making fig jam......
Very good fig jam to I might add. He enjoyed doing it, may-be I could teach him to make soap
and other things for me and then I could spend even more time in the garden.lol.

Now on Friday, Bronwyn and I went to a day spa in Toowoomba.
This was a gift to us from some wonderful friends.
Here we are in our way out, I have some others that I will post
later in the week for a good laugh.

We were pampered.....the day started with a spa than sauna.
After this a stone massage, if you have never had one of these I truly recommend one.
They are amazing. After the massage we had a facial.
and finished of with a manicure and pedicure.
Never have I ever done any-thing like this, Bronwyn and I have decided
instead of giving each other b/day and Christmas pressies we are going to shout each
other to a wonderful day like this one.

We finished the day with going out for a meal and movie.

In the morning I had a fund raiser for the school, to go to.
This was a fashion parade and morning tea. Then it was time to go
home and pick up the family. Back to town for Williams B/day party at Scallywags.

There were 12 boys that came and they all had a wonderful time.
After Will's party Robbie had a party to go to at the bowling ally.
While he was there from 4p.m - 5.30 we went to visit
Greg's brother that lives in town as it was not worth coming home.

We got pizza for tea and were in to bed early after such a big day.

Sunday was Church and I had lots of washing and house work to
catch up on.

Monday we had four Japanese students come to stay.
Meet from L-R Ayana, Saki, Ayumi and Mayu.
We only had the girls over night, this was the shortest stay we have had.
They got here 11.30am Monday.

And they left at 2p.m today.
This morning I took them to Picnic Point for a Picnic
and a look around, then it was time to take them to Gatton to catch the bus.
They were a lovely lot of girls and we enjoyed getting to know them..

So.........that's is what I have been up to.
I'm of to pick the children up from school now.

Blessings to all

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fig Jam

Greg's Uncle dropped of a case of figs to us yesterday.
Guess what I will be making????
Fig Jam.
I have never made Fig jam before but I have made other jams.
Looking forward to fresh bread with fig jam yummmmmmm
All the roses are fertilized, pruned and watered.
In 6 weeks I'll have another flush of flowers before I prune them
back hard for winter.
I was a bit late fertilizing my fruit trees, but I got them done yesterday as well.
Also finished planting out the vege patch.
I got zucchinis, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, egg plant, snow peas and
I also planted my sweet peas.
The weather has been so much cooler with heavy cloud cover
that you just want to be in the garden.
I trimmed the hedge around the pool this morning and it's looking all neat and tidy again.
Where are all the photos your asking?????
They won't down load as the memory is full.
I'm going to have to go through and put alot of photos on disc to free up
some space......Here's hoping I know what I'm doing!!!!
Well I better get to the jam making
and back out to the garden for awhile.
Soccer prac for the boys this afternoon, so the crock pot is on and
the house is full of smells no wonder I'm feeling hungry.
Blessings to all

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This and That.......

If I could only keep two books besides my bible, it would be these two.
A-Z of Companion Planting
by Pamela Allardice
The Organic Garden
by Sue Stickland.
I have had these books for ten years, and I can remember getting them
on special at book world for $4.95. I know the price, as it is still on them. Before I
plant any thing in the vege garden I always check what companion to
plant with it.
This is the way I have always gardened.
I love the name as well
"Companion Planting" sounds romantic doesn't it. To have nasturtiums
growing up with your cucumbers and marigolds planted among your lettuce and beans,
but .......don't plant your carrots near your potatoes or cabbages as they don't like each other at all.
See Romantic........Does any one else grow there veges by this method?
I would love to hear about your way of growing.......

Linda.........I am sure you have seen these fried noodles in the
supermarket. Above is a picture of the wombok salad and on the back of the noodle packet is the
recipe. I change it a bit as it has a 1/2 cup of oil in it and I leave this out.
here is how I make it.
1/2-1 Wombok (Chinese) cabbage
6 shallots or 1 red onion
1 handful of pine nuts
1 packet fried noodles
Chop up the cabbage and shallots finely and add pine nuts
pour over dressing and mix.
1/4 cup white vinegar ( I use whatever I have on hand even cider)
1/4 cup caster sugar
1 tbls soy sauce
3tbls sesame oil
shake all ingredients together in a jar and pour over.
I add the noodles just before serving as they will go soggy.
I hope you enjoy this Linda as it is a sure favorite around here. I also
take it when going to some ones for tea as it is quick and easy.

Claire asked that I change the back ground colour
as it was hard to read.....No worries Claire .......done. I hope it is better now. Sorry to those that couldn't see the words properly...I Love getting comments and hints like this, as it helps me have a better blog.
Joolz thanks for this little verse it is so true......
From the book
Love you forever

I'll love you forever
I'll like you always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be.

Robert N. Munsch
I'll have to try and get a copy of this book to read to William.

Here is the B/day boy blowing out his candles on the fantastic
cake his big sister made for him.......

have a blessed day every-one......

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday William

Today you are six........
Happy Birthday
It's sad and exciting at the same time when your baby isn't really
a baby any more because he has turned six.
But as all Mothers will know your youngest will always be your baby.
We were up early and every one climbed into our bed,
then time to give out the pressies.
Birthdays always contain a large box of chocolates that every one gets to share
while presents are being opened.
I love birthdays and making it a special day, for William.

I got all the veges planted out I have planted.
Lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, peas and beans.
There is still things I want to plant yet. corn, shallots, leeks and carrots.
I also need to get in and fertilize every thing.
The weather has turned cooler and it is such a pleasure to be out in the garden.
Lots of pruning to get done as well.
I won't get a chance to do much today though being Greg's chemo day.
Every thing will still be there tomorrow though.

I have a birthday tea to cook. Not to much to cook though, as Williams request
for tea is "fish and wombok salad" with birthday cake for desert.
I don't have to make the cake either as Chloe is the cake decorator
in the household and does a fantastic job of it...
Happy Tuesday to all and have a great day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Makeover....

Friday I had a very creative day.

This lamp I got from a garage sale about 20 yrs ago, and I thought

that it was time for a make over.

I forgot a before photo though, the base was wooden, so I

painted it white. Put some bling a a new lamp shade

and I have a very pretty lamp.........

Here is a close up. I love the beaded fringing, I use it alot on lamps and wall hangings

I think it is so feminine..

I also made some new curtains for the spare room. I got in and gave the room a good clean as Jessica was coming home. Surprising how dusty a room can get.

The curtains were just quick ones, more for privacy than any thing.

We had a lovely week end, got all the party things bought and organized.

And just spent lots of time together which was nice....

Today I am going to clean my fridge out as over at

Taters mamas take on things

she is having a fridge challenge stop by and take a look.

I am also planting out a few veges this afternoon.

Have been working on the vege patch over the week end.

Blessings to every one today