Thursday, March 5, 2009

Busy Times Ahead...

Birthday time in the Storey household has arrived............

From now until the end of May we have lots of birthdays, Easter
and our wedding anniversary. It works out that every 2weeks
there is something.
Party season.......
This month is exciting as on the 10th William our youngest turns
six and Jessica our eldest daughter turns 21.......on the 21st of this month.
Two parties...I always give the children a birthday party in grade 1 and of course they have a 21st.
Today I'm of to Toowoomba to do B/day shopping. I know what I'm getting Jessica,
I always said when the girls turn 21 I would get them a sewing machine.
So that's easy as I know which one I want.
But William.........That's another story. William has always been hard to buy for.
No it's not that he has every thing. William has never been one to play with
toys inside. He has always enjoyed his farm animals and cars,
but he would rather be out side doing something.
Last year he wanted a vege patch..that's the kind of child he is.......
Comes from being the youngest I think and always having
had some one to play with......
He did say he wants some Ben 10 stuff, well that's alright but who
the heck is Ben 10!!!!!!!!Must be some T.V character.
Better go and get ready for town, find some thing ironed (Ha Ha should see the ironing basket)
Put some make up on. Which by the way seems to take
alot longer these days, and then when I'm finished
doesn't make alot of difference any way.
Have a great day every-one.....


  1. My youngest doesn't seem to want things either. She only ever asks for things like lollies.

  2. We have birthdays in jan 22, Feb 23rd march 26th April1st and april 18th then May 30th and all the way at the end of the year Oct 31st!

    I went birthday shopping for daisyboy7 (8 on the 26th) daisyboy4 turns 5 on the 1st of April.

    ben 10 yeah I ahd to ask about that one too apparently it is some foxtel thing. But I did find these cool bagadan or something things today they are balls that eveolve into little animal characters and of course there is a game and cards that go with them expensive but fun looking!!



  3. My daughter turned 21 in January. It just doesn't seem possible, does it? Doesn't it just seem like yesterday that she was a little girl?

    I have another daughter who turned 6 yesterday. We have that in common!

    Good luck with planning the parties. I understand what you were saying about your son. I have a son like that. He's very hard to buy things for.


  4. We have 1 birthday in Jan, Feb, 3 in March, 1 in April, 2 in May then a break until July.

    Have fun at this busy, exciting time of year. Happy Birthday's to everyone.

    My eldest daughter's 28th birthday on Monday.


  5. Big sister, little brother. Gorgeous pic.

    - Joolz

  6. I clicked on the picture to see your children in full size mode. What beautiful gray-green eyes they have!

    Happy Birthdays, Happy Easter and Happy anniversary.

  7. Looks like there are lots of B/days around this time.....
    I do enjoy birthdays and having that one special day just for that person..
    Thanks for the bithday blessings I've passed them on.

  8. What a great gift - a sewing machine!