Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gardening Weather

What wonderful weather we are having here at the
moment! I do like Autumn the air is fresh and there is always
so much to do in the garden to prepare for the coming months.
I have been busy pruning and mulching.
Lots of general tidy up happening.
When I drop the children of at the school bus I come back and have been
going straight out to the garden for an hour or so.
I love this time out in the garden but through Summer it is
to hot in the front garden and I have really
neglected it.

Down in the rain forest garden palm fronds are falling,
so there is alot of tidying to do there
as well.
There geraniums are always flowering though and put
on such a pretty show when every thing else is dying back..

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my men folk yesterday,
David is home safe and sound with his wife, we are missing him already.

Today is Greg's last chemo, he has had
his block of 8 treatments after today.
Then he has a break for a week and gets a scan to
see how things are progressing.
Thank you for all the prayers that I know are being said for
Greg. Hopefully after the scan we will have some good news.
He is doing really well and has been going into work
a bit more, he is even looking better.

Blessings to all


  1. That's encouraging news about Greg.

    Love the pictures of your garden. it is still too cold and wet here to do much toward getting a garden started. Getting the compost bins re-worked, however!

    If I'm successful with a garden this year, it will be because of the inspiration I received from your posts about your garden!

    Love your rain forest garden! You must have quite a large piece of property.

  2. Mandy,
    Thanks for your comment on my recent post. I've now added part two. If you have time and want to read all the chapters to date, you can click on the snowy road picture in the upper right corner of my blog and it will take you to where all the chapters in my story are grouped together for easier reading.

  3. You live in a beautiful place Mandy. Sooo lovely and greeeeen.

    Hope Greg's results from the scan are good.


  4. I may sometimes neglect to say it, but you and Greg are always in my thoughts and prayers! And I'll say an extra one that the results are good ones!!

    I can't believe how green and lovely your garden is! It's just beautiful in spite of the heat! Even my geranimums are suffering here... It's not hot here (21C today) but it's dry as dust. ;-(