Saturday, March 28, 2009

Look whose home.

I received this award from Home stay Mama a little while

ago.......Thank you so much for the award..

Go on over and say Hello if you have never visited before,

just click on the link below and lets hope I've done it right.

Guess who has flown home for the week end.

My big boy or as he likes to be known

No1 son (because he is the first born no favorites)

David has come down to visit his Dad as

he hasn't seen him since Greg got sick.

Which was only at Christmas, but so much has happened

and changed in those few short months.

They already are out to have a look at the cattle and do the rounds of the farm.

Will be a full but wonderful weekend.

My dear DIL is still in Charters on her own. But this girl will be busy working I'm sure as she works WAY to much........Hello Karen.....

I hope you all enjoy your week end



  1. Hello Mandy
    its nice that he still comes home - often when they are out in the big wide world they think theres no need for that tie to the family
    Enjoy the time he's there
    Take care

  2. Thanks for posting your award, Mandy. Hope Greg is doing well. Having No.1 son home should help along the healing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.