Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where has the week gone!!!
Yesterday was a blur of running around getting last minute things for
Jessica's 21st, taking William to the dentist.( He was such a brave boy, he got a needle and
he didn't even realize and than got two fillings.)
I also did a little sewing to make a apron for Bronwyns Mums B/day...
I raided the stash,as it had to be pink, I didn't realize how much pink material I had.
Below is the sewing machine I got Jessica for her B/day.
I think all girls should have their own machine. She might even learn to
enjoy sewing one day.



Are you prepared for this!!!!

Well I did try to warn you!
Looking at this photo I now realize why Bronwyn kept laughing at me.
Now girls you know that you are true friends when I show you
photos like this. But let me tell you my skin feels smoother and fresher.
I love this photo though of us in the spa....
We did have some much needed fun and relaxation..

I thought I would give you a look at my garden up at the Old Dairy.

All of the plants in these gardens are cuttings from the
garden. The old bath was the cow trough in the old yards
and is now a pond for fish.

Above is looking up to the garden and
below I,m standing at the front looking down.

This is the front garden full of geraniums and roses.
Except for the roses, this is all from cuttings as well.
I planted this garden Mothers Day last year as I got the
roses for Mothers Day.

One of the things I love about gardening is creating a garden for
no cost. By planting plants that are hardy and easy to divide it is easy to
create a garden for no cost just some planning and digging.

Today I will be busy getting photo boards done up for Jess's 21st.
Than soccer practice this afternoon.
I am also of to get a much needed haircut.
I am one of those people that go months without one.

Enjoy your day


  1. Boy, is your garden looking wonderful! I can hardly wait for spring to come so I can start working up a garden here!

    Also, love that apron! If you ever have an apron giveaway, I will enter for sure!!

    And finally, a spa sounds so good right now. But it doesn't fit in my budget, so I'll just have to enjoy it vicariously! LOL
    You two are looking very healthy and happy, though!

  2. Mandy,
    Come over to my blog and pick up a little something I've left for you.

  3. Love the Apron Mandy it looks Lovely...I commend you for putting up your facial pic...and your gardens are looking great...

  4. Oh what a lovely apron

    Glad you enjoyed your spa trip - my first spa experience was yesterday and I am stll glowing with the pleasure of it all!

    blessings x