Thursday, April 9, 2009


Every-one here is still sleeping,
must be the school holidays.

It is so lovely and quiet and I have managed to get the computer
first, now that just never happens.....
I hope you are all enjoying the holidays as much as I am.
Above is a little stool that I have redone, it was black,
I think that it's turned out lovely. It was a family effort as Robbie sanded
it down, Greg painted it and all I had to do was recover the cushion...
Yesterday when I was in town I thought I'd drop into my favorite second hand shop
empty, not a thing left, no sign on the window NOTHING.
When I told hubby about it he couldn't see the problem or why I
was so fact he said I have so much junk
(junk indeed) I could start my own shop!!!! Hmmmmm
now that has me thinking.......

This is my new garden out the back door. The hot sun really belts
in here in Summer, so I am going to plant
a Golden Rain tree in there. I have one in the chook pen and
I love it, but that is the other end of the yard.
I don't want any thing that will grow to tall, and these trees spread out lovely
as they grow. I will put some lavender as a border in there as well
until the tree gets large enough that it doesn't look bare.
Well their is starting to be movement around the place
so I had better get breakfast cooked.
Pancakes with Canadian maple syrup


  1. No one has the 'ideal' life, but it always seems to me when I read your posts, that yours comes awfully close!

    I know from your posts that you have your share of problems like all the rest of us, but there is just something peaceful about simplifying one's life, isn't there?! What you're doing now reminds me of how I grew up (on a farm in Oregon). So I must be experiencing some nostalgia, ya think? :-)

  2. Hi Mandy
    Have a lovely Easter weekend with your family. I have a blank garden patch that I need to plant out but just havent any inspiration at the moment. Probably roses, agapanthus and daisy ground covers.
    Your craft group looks like fun. I'd love to join one but because I work each day, thats impossible at the moment. One day, maybe....

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Golden Rain trees come a close second to a Jacaranda but are just so beautiful in flower. Good luck with it, cant wait untill it has its first shady season, pictures please.


  4. Love your revamp on your Stool...Enjoy your New the Circle...Hope you have a Lovely Break...
    Happy Easter

  5. Am I too late for breakfast?? yummmm... ;-)

    I would love to see a photo of your Golden Rain Tree... I want something in the front yard, but we may too far south for them to grow here.

    If I don't talk to you before, Have a wonderful Easter!

  6. Your kids sleep in on the holidays? In our house it's the other way 'round. Kids sleep in (or try to) on school days and get up with the birds on holidays. Bleh.

    Have a lovely Easter.

  7. I buy the real maple syrup too.