Monday, April 20, 2009

Taking Time To Stop......

The last 2 days have been a real break for me.
It seemed like we were in our own little world here on our piece
of paradise.
Our week-ends are usually so full of people that we
don't have time to chill out, but this last few days
no-one has came through our gate. I like visitors don't think I don't
as I am a social person by nature...but you know sometimes
it is good to be away from the world and enjoy your own family.

I have pottered in the garden all week-end,and I feel renewed.
The beans and zucchinis are growing well, we had zucchini slice
for tea one night, just don't tell hubby he thought it
was a quiche...........

Sunday morning I did get up early and went to the markets
before church, I needed some colour around my outdoor areas.
The first picture is some of the plants I got,the saliva's for
the garden I had already planted.

After church and lunch I went back out side' above
is the table and chairs overlooking the pool and cubby.
And Pirate the naughty pup. You can see that look on her
face it says seek and destroy...

This chair is at the beginning of the Rain forest and looks back
towards the house. The one below is in the rain forest garden as well.
As I said yesterday plenty of places to sit relax and have a cuppa.
That is what I am going to do at least once a day,
take my cuppa to the garden and stop and listen to
the sounds of the garden.
I'm sure that this is true for many of us that we don't stop and enjoy what we have in our own backyards..........

Go on take the time to take that cuppa outside,and
sit relax and enjoy!!!!!!


  1. LOL! I started the day out in the garden today, so you're preaching to the converted here!

    What a lovely way to start the day... and I just love how everything is so green and inviting at your place! ;-)

  2. It*s great! Wonderful photos and a wonderful place to live in the midst of the nature! I love your photos so much, and I wished, I could be there, it's so nice!!!

    Have a wonderful start in the new week,
    greetings from Germany,

  3. So true, and your garden does look peaceful.