Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yesterday was Cassandras Birthday......
Only she isn't here....she is still away on camp and I have
to tell you things are certainly quiet here without her....
You are now 13. Wow 13 You are a young lady now
with so much ahead of you....Having 3 older sisters Cassie
has never lacked for girlie things that's for sure....
I wonder what you where doing on your B/day? hiking? camping? swimming
I have never had one of the children away on camp before on there b/day........
I'm sure she is having fun anyhow...

The boys pajama pants are all made, they loved the pirate

material, now I have the girls to make. Hopefully I'll get another

3 pairs made today, before I have to take the boys to soccer training.

Tomatoes must be in abundance around our area at the moment

as people have been dropping some off nearly every day.

Yesterday I thought that I had better use some of them to make

Pasta Sauce...I use alot of pasta sauce around here. I don't make much

relish or chutney as we don't eat alot of that, so I

tend to use the toms more in making tomato sauce and pasta sauce.

The only thing I had to buy was the onions and vinegar as

the chili, capsicum and herbs came from the garden.

I'm not one for recipes as I tend

to make it up as I go along, but I will give you a general idea..

Pasta Sauce

4-5 k.g tomatoes

4 onions

2 chillies

6 sm capsicums

1 large bunch basil

same for parsley

1 cup cider vinegar

salt and pepper.

Cook until well boiled down.

I then blend about 3/4 of the sauce as

I like a pasta sauce to not be to chunky.

Then bottle...


The weather has really cooled down around

here today, so I will enjoy being in my snug sewing room....

Blessings to all



  1. Happy Birthday to Cassandra!

    Wow, you do manage to keep busy don't you? I LOVE those pajama pants - I tend to buy mens pj pants for myself and then just wear old t-shirts with them, but there aren't many choices when it comes to men's prints..*sigh*
    And I'm NOT a footy fan! ;-)

    Lucky you, getting the toms for free! I needed to buy some yesterday and almost died at the price!

  2. You sure are an organized gal, Mandy. Where do you get all your energy? And how do you have time to do all that and still post?

    Love those pj's!

  3. You have been busy.

    I have frozen some of our excess tomatoes so I might give your pasta sauce recipe a try.

    Hope your daughter had a great birthday. She looks so grown up for 13, my son turned 13 back in March. Sorry she wasn't home so you could spend it with her.

    It's my little grandson's 5th birthday tomorrow. He's having a little party on Saturday at the local park.


  4. That tomato sauce looks great! Do you peel your tomatoes first or leave their skins on?

    Pajama pants....well done!

    And a teenager with a birthday away from home, how are you coping?

    You are a great example to us all.


  5. The boys thinkthey are cool now they want matching shirts, thought I'd get out of that!!!!
    No Lisha I don't worry about peeling the tomatoes at all...

    Tania hope your enjoying your picnic...

    I love sewing Homestay mama so I always find time..

    Tatersmama, I know the price of toms here are horrid as well...
    Blessings to you,