Monday, May 18, 2009

Garden Time

Saturday's are spent at Soccer, it is often a long day
but we enjoy it and the boys love their sports.

We had glorious weather on the week end.
Makes sitting at soccer so much easier when it is warm.
Sunday there was not a hint of wind so
I spent the day in the garden. Yes still mulching.
Where I live I am surrounded by Lucine farmers so
there is usually some-one with cheap mulch.
It seems to be taking me forever to get it on the gardens.
I got 5 round bales and only have 1 to go.

I do tend to get side tracked a lot though.
I pruned a lot of the saliva's and so took some cuttings,
they are the easiest plant to take cuttings from. I just
put 10 or so in the one pot and as they get
bigger I pot them up.
Thanks Linda for the site on Saliva's,
I even managed to find a site that has 100s of photos
of all the different saliva's.
Mine is a vary pale pink, it comes in
the 2 types so I will have to get hold of the hot pink one like yours.
I also found a mail order specialist so I will be
able to order a lot of the ones I can't get here.

The vege garden might look a bit bare in this photo,
as this is where I planted my onions and leeks, they haven't come
up yet though. This is my first time at growing onions.
The beans are doing really well and we are getting enough for tea.
The snow peas are starting to die off now but we are still
getting the odd few.

Here are Robbie and Will at the dentist, we seem to have been spending so much time in
this place lately........William is all finished with his work now.
And Robbie needs to get a filling.His teeth are good ,
William is a different story though.
He's had 5 fillings and 2 teeth removed. Why his teeth are so
bad I have no idea as he eats the same as
the rest of us..

I hope you all enjoyed your week-end
and did every-thing you planed to do............
For me it is time to get this house clean
and then I'll try to get some more mulching done...


  1. your blog is very good

  2. Our Saturdays are spent running around to 3 different soccer games too! I don't know what we did before soccer came along. It's nice to be outside though, it was the windiest day, blowing a gale and hats wouldn't stay on heads.


  3. It's all looking good! And YAY on the Salvia!

    We're going away for the weekend and I'm feeling guilty that I won't have much time for gardening.
    :-( Ihave about 20 agapanthas to set out and I still need to weed the front beds first!