Monday, July 13, 2009


Look what the mail lady delivered to me today!!!!!

Not one but THREE pressies were in the parcel (which I ripped open before I took a photo)

Look at this sweet, dainty,gorgeous hand bag.

Look at the work that Priscilla has put into this bag.
The flower and all those French knots....

Make sure you click on the photos to have a look.

A needle case, with 2 yummy fat 1/4s tucked inside...

The stitching is so tiny and neat...

And isn't she the sweetest little angel you have ever seen....

Now I know what your thinking....what was in the third parcel???

A great big block of chocolate that's what...

Thank you Priscilla for my wonderful gifts, tomorrow I am of to craft and I will be showing of with my new bag and then whip out my needle case, because
at some stage I will need a new needle .....LOL.

My Mum and Dad came to visit today to see Greg, it was wonderful to spend the afternoon with them...After lunch we all shared that yummy block of was so good.....
Greg is doing well, he is walking with the aid of a cane and is even eating again...We had a lovely quiet weekend together just sitting and being in each others company.....I ....We are all so glad to have him home.......


  1. Wow, they got there already! Whew, I'm so glad you like them :o)
    It was my pleasure to make them for you and you know I had to send a big block of chocolate - you always have to share

  2. Your Swap Goodies are just Lovely...Thanks for being part of it..

  3. Isn't Priscilla a sweetie, lovely goodies Mandy. Pleased to hear Greg is home and you are enjoying the quiet life ...... and the chocolate...... Love your new header.

  4. So happy to hear Greg is home.

    Those gifts are to die for! Priscilla is one very talented lady! Lucky you!

  5. Gorgeous needlecase!!
    I must show the pic to my girls at sewing club as they are learning to make them
    blessings and hugs x

  6. Love the new header too!
    Nice pressies...I can tell that they are made with love, lucky you to have such thoughtful friends.