Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The red gate and fruit trees...........

Tuesday already today. We had such a nice quiet week-end that I think it over flowed to Monday....I had all my housework done by 10am and then it was down to the garden to paint my gate.... What do you think??????
I love it!!!!! below is a before photo so drab and boring, nothing like a little red to lift things...You can even see it from the veranda,yep love it...Greg is a little worried as to what I'll paint next as there is still alot of red left. I'm not sure if there is any-thing else yet.....I think I'll go with the less is more here.....
I did get my fruit trees planted over the week-end. Not all of them were able to go where planned though.

Above is the Nectarine-goldmine and Peach-Anzac. They are only in the pots until there new home is ready, which is through the gate behind them. The green area is where the new vege garden is going to go...That will be under way in the next week or two, just waiting for the bobcat man to turn up.

Above are the blueberries one is Brigitta and the other is Northland. Not sure which is which as they weren't marked. I had to put these in pots as once I read more on them they said that if you can grow azaleas you can grow blueberries....Well I can only grow azaleas in pots, it doesn't matter as I will make a feature of them...Now behind the pots in the garden you can see my Apricot tree-trevatt.

Can you see the 2 star pickets??Look closer ......see the 2 sticks in front, well there the apple trees. They are both dwarf trees a granny smith and pink lady.These are all up at the Old Dairy in the front, so when they grow I will get shade as in summer it is very hot and glarry in the morning. Below is a better shot of the apricot tree. When it grows it will shade the other window. They will be a picture in a few springs from now...

Along the back fence is where I had planned to plant my blueberries with my Thornless Gooseberries. Instead I have just planted the 2 gooseberries here, you can't really see them as they just look like sticks, look in front of the spade. I really wanted a hedge along this fence, so will have to find something else to plant as well. Any ideas???? I also have 2 kiwi fruit to plant out..I was going to have an arch going into the pool area and grow them on that...But they will need to go into the ground soon so I may have to just grow them on a fence.

I am happy with the choices I made and am looking forward to when I will not have to buy fruit at all....There is still a few trees I would like to get yet...Next year I'll get some more. I am slowly working towards my sustainable garden.
Enjoy your day....


  1. Sounds like fruit salad is going to be on the menu at your house in time to come!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. We used to grow kiwifruit. So did my grandparents. They were up pretty high. However I have been them on trellises along carports.

    Ours were on fencing wire threaded through holes in steel pipes.

  3. The gate looks fabulous Mandy. Tell Greg not to worry about whats next, just to make sure he doesn't stand still!!