Monday, November 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning.....

I have been busy over the week-end spring cleaning. I know it was late as I normally do this in September, but I haven't felt like it until now.
I felt I have needed to get in and really clean......I have cleaned out all the cupboards, and I now have some cupboards that are empty..I think I am going to have a garage sale with every-thing I don't want any more...The above photos are of the family room. I have brought the other lounge chair down here now so there is more sitting room. I even took the hall stand from the hallway and put it down here.It is in the above photo near the door. Of course I had to by a new one!!!!!

Below is the dinning room....Not any-more it's not..

Now it is the Lounge room!!!!!!

O.K I also decided to change rooms around. Yes the dinning room is now the Lounge Room and I think it looks great. The room seems so much bigger as well. This room comes of the kitchen and opens onto the veranda. As a dinning room it was always to small when we had all the family home.
You are probably wondering where the dinning room has gone??
Above is the sideboard from the entry...yep even that room got a make over.

This is the sideboard from the Dinning room that is now in the new dinning room.
Below is the lounge room as it used to be.
It's now the dinning room.....Are you confused yet????

For years I have wanted to do this but was always a little unsure..It is the best decision I have made regarding the house..I now have a formal dinning room and it is so big..I will be able to fit 8-10 chairs around this table...The table came down from my sewing room, it is wider than the other one. I even bought some new dinning room chairs..Red and white leather ones..There is still four red ones to come yet. I haven't had comfy dinning chairs for about 10 years. I had lovely antique bentwood ones but they just aren't all that comfy. I will sell them in the garage sale as well.
What do you think????Tomorrow I will show you some more rooms, but I think this is enough for one day. If you click on spring cleaning you will see these rooms as they were last year..
Now I have to get back to the last of the cleaning...


  1. I think I follow Mandy. Great job. I have a question about the second photo. Did you buy a new door? I am interested in doors at the moment.

    Congratulations about the dining room chairs. They look like a great buy.

  2. You bought a new hall stand? Am I getting it yet?

  3. Crikey! Lucky the toilet is bolted to the floor otherwise you might change that room around too! Lol!

    Very therapeutic, isn't it?
    Cheers - Joolz

  4. You've really lost it this time! :) Why do you do this to yourself? No you realise you're going to be taking your dinner to the TV and wanting to read at the kitchen table!!!
    Looks really good though.

  5. I like the new look (and the old one too) Mandy, it looks great!

    A change is as good as a holiday, so they say!!

  6. Does a woman good to do spring housecleaning, and even better to rearrange the rooms in her home. Good for you!

  7. Looks fantastic Mandy,I love your house I cant wait to see what else you have done. I wish I had the room to change rooms around lol. My poor old house needs spring cleaning so badly just havent had time at the moment. Now yours is a garage sale I would like to go to what a shame I dont live closer lol. Although it would be a good day trip lol.