Saturday, January 16, 2010


So much can happen in so short a time.....this is something I have learnt in the past 12mths and still learning.. My beautiful daughter Alanah is leaving the nest..Alanah finished grade 12 last year and was to go to uni this year...Well things have changed.......Alanah is heading over to Canada.....that's right CANADA....She has got a job as a nanny over there for a very lovely family with 2 young girls. Alanah is so excited and I am as well for her..I have had my cry(O.K more than a few) and now I am just so happy that she has this opportunity to travel....I will keep you informed, as she has to get her passport and visa yet...
Something a little fun is Robbie thinking he is a Rodeo star...yep thought he'd have a go at ridding one of the young steers...egged on by all of couse.....boys.....gotta love them.

Over the next week I will be having 10 Japanese students coming and going. ATM I have 3 girls they go tomorrow and then I come home with 4 boys...a busy week ahead..
I hope you are all enjoying your week-end..


  1. Wow Mandy! That is an incredible opportunity for Alanah. Angus' sister did exactly the same when she was 18 back in 1988/89. She formed some wonderful friendships and came back more worldly. She still keeps in touch with her family from Vancouver.
    Is she doing it just for her gap year or longer?
    10 Japanese students! We have an Italian exchange student coming to stay with us for 10-12 days from 29th Jan. Brianna will do the same exchange in Turin in October.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. you have been busy, plus all the extra people. life is more fun when its hectic :o)
    oh by the way i lov lov lov your new clothes line, that is the sort we will be building this year, cant wait

  3. wow, i'd be crying about my girl leaving too...may she have blessed travels and enjoy her work in Canada.

    ...and may your work with the students be blessed're busy!

  4. Well done Alanah, you must be so proud Mandy.

  5. I heard from Ashleigh & Danielle about the nanny job, oh boy you poor thing, I literally slid down the wall in the hallway and cried for about 3 weeks when Ash & Nelly went to the US and then the UK but it was so fantastic for them. I got over it and low and behold they are home again, it goes quick all I can say is you must have SKYPE to stay in touch.

  6. How fun that Alanah can go to Canada. That's just a stone's throw from Seattle! If you ever come to visit her, let me know!

    And 10 Japanese students? More fun, but you will certainly be busy!

    Blessings to you, Mandy!

  7. My boy is gone, but I have invited him home for a few days before uni starts.

    Good luck with all the preparations.