Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weddings and rain....

What a wonderful week end we had celebrating Mark and Megan's wedding. Megan is Chloe's best friend and Chloe was chief bridesmaid for the wedding. Below is Chloe and Damien outside the church and above is the beautiful bride.

It was a moving wedding, they are both young and so in love. Mark and Megan didn't just want to live together they wanted a commitment that only comes with marriage. I am so proud of them both for making a stand in today's world and marrying. As you can see it was a large bridal party. On more exciting news we had 88mls of rain last night and the creeks have come down. Water every where, so good to see we aren't able to get to town so I have had a day at home catching up after a busy week. There is more on way tonight, so we might have another day home tomorrow.
Flood photos to come latter..I hope all those needing rain also gets this much need wet to fill the underground and dams..
Blessings Mandy.


  1. Hi Mandy,
    What a beautiful bride Megan made and yes it is so refreshing to hear of her and her partner wanting to marry rather than just live together. Chloe looked lovely and the photo of her and Damien is gorgeous. She has the most beautiful face.
    hugs Deb

  2. Beautiful Mandy...both the wedding and the rain.

    If you have some wet stuff to spare could you send it down my way please?


  3. so loved your wedding pictures...May God bless them for their obedience and for wanting the best for their lives :)

  4. What a wonderful place you have and I love your blog, I was just blog hopping and came across your blog. I have never been to Autralia but I recognise the name of the place you live in as my husband spend a year in a place called Nanago and he said that it is about 70 miles from you and he has visited there, what a small world to find somwhere that my husband has been to. I would like to follow your blog and visit you from time to time. Suex.