Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Come In....

Welcome to the new look Family Room..
Down the stairs we go,Look at all this creams and white.yummmmy, the leather lounge is new I got it for a real bargain, how much you ask well I have to tell you $400 ....now you see why I couldn't leave it there.

The little white coffee table is new as well...reduced from $240 to $120 at LOOT. It has a crack in the top of the wood that is why it was reduced, if they hadn't have shown me I wouldn't even had noticed..

The brown T.V unit to the left is yet to be painted. Below is the laundry which comes off this room..I have new laundry tub and taps also a new toilet down here, toilet is door to the left.
The laundry has always been on bore water and the sink was cruddy and the taps corroded up. Greg always said when ALL the tanks are full we will change the laundry to tank water. Well with all the rain we had they are FULL!!!! The shelves have all been painted white and I love the fresh green and white colour scheme now. If you click laundry on the side bar you will see how it was before.

There is still blinds and curtains to put up and wall hangings to hang but it is coming together. The hardest part is other than the trimmings now all being white the room is basically the same. But believe me it has all been rebuilt..remember those white ant photos ....aghhhh.
Thanks for comming in and having a look, now what room is next??????????


  1. The rooms are looking great Mandy, some good bargains you got there, right place, right time.


  2. Wow what a lovely room ! Great bargains too , good for you !

  3. All looks so fresh and relaxing Mandy. Love the green and wow what bargains you managed to pick up.
    hugs Deb

  4. Mandy, your family room and laundry room are looking wonderful! And don't you just love bargains like you got! Lucky you. Actually, I think the Lord is looking down in love and giving you these extra little blessings. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Love the colours in your new room...so inviting

  6. wow your family room looks great & what a bargin that couch was.
    lov the green & white in the laundry

  7. Mum, the colour is the same!!!! i cant really see i=any change to it.... love the lounge though.. miss you and i will call you tomorrow.
    xoxoxo Jess