Saturday, March 27, 2010

A sneak peak.....

This is all you are getting for now......
This is the door leading down into the family room, this door used to be Federation cream as well but all the trimmings downstairs are now Dulux Antique white..The green we got made up as It is a few shades darker than what it was originally. I decided to stick with green as it is complements the garden outside the large windows.... Today the electrician is here putting in the air/ con for down is this room, and I am cleaning it and getting it organized. This is the fun bit isn't it....decorating mmmm love it..
But first I had to have a Mummy moment and show off...
Last night Cassandra and Robertson had a formal night at youth group. They were to get dressed up and have partners for dancing. So grown up...Below(not the best pic) is Robbie getting a award for the""""" Most Chivalrous""""""".....That's right my 12 year old boy is a gentleman.....

I am so very proud of him and I know Greg would be as well, Cassie said all the girls were swooning over him(of course) because of the way he was treating his date for the night.. Boy I wish I was there.. It is good to know living with all the females in the family has payed of he knows how to treat a lady...
Cassandra and her partner for the night.
Robbie and his partner..

Don't they look so darn cute...
Well must go and have fun organizing my room now I've had my brag....


  1. Gorgeous children Mandy. I can see why the girls were swooning over your son. :) Hugs, Jeanette

  2. oh gosh they are so cute must get their looks from their oldest sister i think!!!!

  3. Oh to have 12 year olds again. I think it's good for young ones to put on their good clothes and become mature for the evening. Gives them pride in themselves.

    I am hosting three 16 year old boys and Bri's best friend Maddy tonight. They are off to a 16th so the guys are camping at our place(cos they live 50kms away)! I've already had orders for choc chip pancakes for tomorrow's breakfast. Cheeky!

    The re-decorating looks go so far, can't wait for final pics - I love your use of colours.

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. Robbie looks gorgeous, and that is a fantastic quality to have, being chivalrous. I can understand why you would be proud.

  5. MUM. Cant believe how much of a man Rob looks like and Cassie looks beautiful as always. Sorry Jess, looks from the other good looking sister. Family room looking good. Missing everyone back at home. xx