Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Blessings......

Who said there is no Easter he is at the Mulgowie markets on Saturday morning. Will and Robbie were in there making sure they didn't miss out on any eggs.
This has to be the prettiest market I have been to in a long time, the setting is just so lovely and peaceful.
Not that you would know it from these photos, there are children running every where as there was an Easter Egg hunt..

Good Friday was spent with the Storey clan..We were to go out fishing but we had had quite a bit of rain and we couldn't get to the creek.

Never mind every one came to my place and we had a wonderful day.

The boys all decided to go down to our creek and look for yabbies. There is still a nice stream running down there. A lovely walk we had up the creek, all bare foot of course.

This is the biggest one they caught, lots of attention given to it and yes when they got home they cooked them up and ate them.....Not me though.....
Today we went to church and then had fish and chips at the park for a treat, as there was only Robbie, Will and I as Cassie was at Easter fest all week-end..I have to admit that it has been a sad lonely day, I have missed my Love and my children that are all away..But life has to go on and we have enjoyed our Easter activities..Tomorrow we are off to visit my Mum and Dad out at Cooyar....But first I must go and see what ya all did for Easter..


  1. Oh, Mandy, your pictures told the story of a beautiful summery day with family. The day looked pleasant and fun. Holidays without the ones we love can be tough, a hole is there when someone is missing. Our day will have holes, as well, but spending time with the loved ones we have with us will lighten our hearts a bit. happy day to you and yours!

  2. Mandy, it looks as though you had a wonderful day in spite of the sadness... Sometimes we just have to take comfort in the small things, don't we?
    Wishing you and yours a Blessed Easter.

  3. Looks like a busy, fun-filled weekend. You are so lucky to have that creek on your property and access to live yabbies! Missing those we love is hard at times like Easter when you tend to get together. 2nd of April was 21 years since my Dad passed away.
    Lucky you had such a big clan so you always have a few close by. Kirby has loved having us stay with her since Thursday - things are not good with her flat mate so our company has cheered her up no end.

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. Love your pics and glad you made the best of Easter.
    Quite a few of the young people from our Church went to Easter- fest, so we will hear about it next week.
    We are just home tonight, we went to Hartwood Campfires and Country Music. I haven't downloaded any photos yet.
    With Blessings - Jan