Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A garden tour....

I love this dovecote, Dad made it for Mum and it sits in this round garden at the side.
This is the Bar-B-Que shed that Dad made, there is a theme here, Dad can do any-thing he puts his mind to.
When Mum and Dad moved to this block there was no gardens at all. Mum has done all the planting herself and every time I go to visit the garden has grown a bit more.

Nothing like spending time with your Mum to make you feel better is there? It was just what I needed, I am over feeling sorry for myself.....In fact today I have been busy..First I had to plant all the cuttings and plants I bought home from Mums and then..........

Thought I wreck the bathroom floor...

There is something therapeutic about ripping out old floor coverings. The old lino in my B/room was disgusting to say the least..The floor boards were water damaged in some areas and needed ripping out, that is why there is gaping holes in the floor.
But all is Good as the builder is putting the new ones in as we speak...I am going to paint the floor white to give the room a bit off a lift.
Yes that is the plumbing under the house you can see. I love school holidays as I always seem to get so much done.
Well off to see what else I can wreak I mean fix..


  1. I love seeing things at your place.... yes it is great to have family things, and to bring home cuttings to plant.
    Blessings, Jan

  2. Mandy, everything looks so green and abundant, so beautiful! Grief therapy comes in many forms; visiting with loved ones, digging in the soil, doing something positive and constructive. Each sadness is usually followed by a little bit of cheerfulness and I send you a cyber hug to help you on this journey!

    Liz from Oklahoma, USA

  3. Jandante and Ninny, thank you so much for your thoughts and hugs, I am feeling so much better now ,you are right Ninny therapy does come in many forms I have found...Thank you both for your comments that you leave...
    Blessings MAndy