Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Bed..............

Here it is................

My new bed and under all those layers a new mattress...

One of children told me that it is sad when the most exciting thing to happen in my life is getting a new bed.............Clearly that child hasn't been sleeping on the floor on a 23 year old mattress..This is exciting News..... I am actually looking forward to bed of a evening ......and..........I am sleeping all night with out having a breakfast of panadol for the aches and pains I wake up with..I new I needed a new mattress just didn't realize how much till I slept one night on this little beauty..
My new bed is so sweet and just what I wanted for my room...All I need is a paint job in my bed room and it will all be new....That will have to wait a little while though....
Yesterday I had a great day out learning to felt....I will post some pictures of what I made latter in the week.....Today I have Robbie home who swears he is sick.....I think I have been had again.....I have to go up to work soon so he will be sitting around the cold workshop and wishing he had gone to school..........

Blessings to all
and have a great day what ever you are doing....



  1. Ow Mandy what a beautiful bed. It certainly looks comfortable. It has the look of pulling you into its clutches and making you all snuggly and safe. Lovely
    hugs Deb

  2. That is a nice bed Mandy, very pretty.

    I bet you will look forward to going to bed now and waking up refreshed instead of aches and pains.

    I thought my son was the only child that tries to tell me he is unwell, but miraculously he is usually recovered by 9.30am.

    Have a great day Mandy,

  3. New mattress and bed...lovely. Heaven.

  4. I love the bed frame and the quilt, it goes so well with your duchess set and writing desk. We are in the throes of getting another bed, we too wake up with aches.

    Cheers - Joolz

  5. hi is my first visit but just wanted to say i think you deserve a new bed bless you, i will return and read your older posts xx Bless you all Carole

  6. Well I would be excited and happy to have a beautiful new bed and room like that..... looks lovely.
    Good photos.
    Hugs and Blessings - Jan

  7. LOve your bed covers. I couldn't believe the difference I felt the next day when I got a new bed you will feel like a new women, And isn't it just the best time of year to get a new bed when it's chilly outside and your all warm & cosy in your new bed. Very preety and it suits your room perfectly.

  8. Mandy, I love your new bed!!! Glad you're sleeping better...that's a bonus!

  9. Love your New Bed Mandy it really Suits your Room...Enjoy.!!

  10. It's lovely. I think it would have been hard for me to resist crawling in for the day the minute it was set up!
    Sweet dreams