Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Change...............

Thanks for all the wonderful comments last post....
I did paint the chest of drawers white, and they look so fresh now. I moved them to the front door, and now we have some where to put things as we come inside. I couldn't help putting a lamp on there, and the frame that Robbie made me for my birthday.

Now as you walk up the front stairs you are greeted by the chairs, instead of a mess.

The side stayed the same, I added a tablecloth on my table and I still want to paint the benches. I am thinking of painting the legs and bottom of the table white and giving the top a good sand down and leave that the timber.

We think I have lawn grubs in my grass aggggggghhhhhhh. My sister in law had the same problem. My grass is nearly all dead now and still dying. I am starting to think CHEMICALS haha, I don't know if I could spray the yard though I am not one for chemicals I would rather let nature take it's course.

This week my last three babies all started at new schools...Robbie is in grade 8 and Cassie in grade 10. They have started at a state school in Toowoomba.
William is going to the local school down here at Flagstone with only 28 students. He is in grade 3 this year....

Tomorrow is Australia day and we are having a bar-b- que with family, so the day will be spent lazing around the pool. In fact we are starting tonight as the kids and I are going to have pizza and a movie..Sounds a good way to kick of Australia Day....
What will you be doing?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clean Up Time....

Do you ever feel that you have lost control?????
Well that's how I'm feeling about my Garden. Long term readers know who I love my gardening and my garden. Below is a photo from November 2010...We hadn't had much rain and my grass is always lush and green out here keeping the house cool. Through all the years of drought this is the one area that stays green.
This was just taken, my grass after inches and inches of rain.

Yep green all around , some other ares are stating to die as well. I need some help here ladies. Would the grass die from too much water? or is there some decease in it? I have checked for any grubs and there is none......
What to do.....
I have lost most of my lavender and salvias from all the rain and my garden looks worse now than it did through the drought.
So instead I am cleaning around the house. That I can take control of and do. No I don't have control issues thank you very much..........

Below is walking up to the front of the house. Yesterday was spent cleaning up under here, it is clean now but looks a bit boring so I am going to decorate today.

My veranda has become a dumping ground over Christmas and through the flood.

My front door......Blahhhhhhhh.

Ummmm the chest of draws came from my bed room and I have got them as far as here.
This is whats greets you when you get to the top of the stairs....
Not very welcoming is it..

So I don't have any grass to mow but I can go and clean up the veranda...
How is your week end going?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

We Are Thankful...........

I got to town yesterday..But not this way...I can only get out by 4wD so I got a lift with Bruce and he was able to get me in to Toowoomba. Wishing now I hadn't sold Greg's 4WD...hmmmmm
My business is fine and the water was only meters away from coming in. The road was all washed away out the front of my workshop, but the wonderful Toowoomba council have already fixed it. It is going to take along time to rebuild our beautiful town but the people here are strong and hard workers.

I woke up this morning to the power being restored.....How I don't know if you had of seen the state of the power lines and poles you would think that energex are miracle workers. When I turned the light on in the pantry this is what greeted me. Above, as the pantry is dark things have been dumped and pulled out, my goodness what a mess.

The kitchen has been the hub of the home the last week, leads running every way food on counters as it was to dark to see in cupboards.....
But here we have been blessed,
we have a generator and had power to run the small fridge and lights,
my daughter Chloe was not at Grantham when the water hit,
my sister in law was stranded in Toowoomba when the wall of water went through Murphy's Creek.
Yes we have alot to be thankful for. Please keep the people of Grantham in your prayers as the SES try to get in and recover the bodies wedged under the bridge still in there cars. Pray for those still trying to find there loved ones.
For the 100s of people here that have nothing left.

Yes the Storey's are blessed and we are thankful, we are all safe and are able to continue living in our home....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stranded but safe...........

We are all Ok here.....
Above is my little river, and below is how it usually looks.

It is the same place believe it or not. Some of the photos are not that clear as the are taken on my phone..

Above is taken from my front veranda and below is a close up of the tank near the creek and how far it came up.

Below you can see the creek has reached my front fence. All that water near the trees is across the road where the kids ride there bikes.
So yes the creek came all the way up to my house the highest this has ever been....

Below the creek in my yard at the rental house across the road. Taken from my veranda

Below here is the creek Tuesday afternoon.

It is still a raging mess and this bridge is also unpassable.

I am so thankful we are all OK here. We have no power or phone and they may be out for weeks. All my children are safe and extended family are safe.

I cannot get out as every bridge and crossing here has been wiped out...

There used to be a bridge here into Helidon...

This is our main road out and this bridge is not to good....Robbie said he can put me on the back of the motor bike and we can jump it.....I will pass on that.
So no way in and no way out...
We have a generator that we can run the fridge freezer and inter net on ...I am a person that likes candles so we are fine there, and our drinking warer is good as we have tank water.....
Will post again when I can charce my computer.....
Blessings to all

Monday, January 10, 2011

From Dinning Room to Bed Room......

My bedroom has been a number of rooms over the years.

It started out life as the lounge room, which I can not find any photos of. If you click on lounge rooms in the side bar they are there.

It then became the dinning room after I lost Greg, as I needed a change. It made the most wonderful dinning room.

In this photo I am standing looking in. Where the flowered curtain is, is now the doorway into my bathroom, and the door to the right is my walk in robe.

This little bed side table was the phone table, but it makes a wonderful little table beside my bed.

On the other side I have kept this set of drawers, there is nothing in here but the room looked strange without 2 bed side tables.

My desk and little office.

From the bathroom mirror reflecting back into the bed room mirror.

My most amazing, wonderful walk in robe........

Now you can what a difference, from dinning room to Master Bed room....

My new light fitting, I also have a matching one for the bath room but the electrician is unable to get here with the creeks all flooded.

These curtains are my favorite and I made them years ago for my other bedroom. Now they look great in my new room and matching in the bath room.

I have used a lot of mirrors as there is only the one small window and mirrors help to bounce the light around the room.

I am yet to paint my room and it will be painted the same as the bathroom Antique White by Dulux. I will have to wait for some sunshine before I start though...

I enjoyed my first bath last night with good music ( Jimmy Barnes) a glass of good wine and lots of bubbles.


Thank you for all the wonderful feed back on my bathroom, I hope you enjoyed the bed room tour.



Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Bathroom........Before and After...

The Bath room is finished.....
Come and have a look at my girlie, pretty room.I can have this room as girlie as I like as it is ALL MINE....Yes MINE.... Remember the bathroom was a small guest room so after the floors where sanded I had a blank canvas to work with.

Below is looking into the bathroom before. Once the pressed metal went on the walls it was all go. Above is Bruce nailing on the sheets. We did have a wait on 6 of the sheets of metal which slowed things down...Remember to always measure properly!!!!!!

Here is the shower and toilet.
I wanted no tiles in this room at all that is why I went with the pressed metal.The shower is a molded one which I am very happy with.

The toilet, vanity and bath are all of the colonial range...I love the free standing vanity. This is what I have always wanted.

O.K I had to show you the shower rose....It is a water saver one, but the way the water comes out ahhhhh heaven.

The mirror is one I have had for years and I new it was to go here above the vanity.
My little corner cupboard is from Loot for only $130 dollars. As I was having a free standing vanity I needed some storage, these little shelves are ideal.

My Bath...
It has only just moments ago been plumbed in, so tonight I will be soaking in here with a glass of my favorite wine and enjoying a dream come true for me.

The bath mat came from a little shop out at Highfields, I think it was only $15
All of the bits and pieces were Christmas presents. All the bath salts and lotions on the shelves were a gift from a friend. My daughter Jessica gave me new white fluffy towels, The towel hooks and rose picture above the toilet where from Robbie and William.

The mirror below was a garage sale find for $5 and is perfect for above the bath.
This is my view from the bathroom window out to my court yard....

I have to say a big thank you to Bruce for building this bath room from the ground up for me..

Thank you Bruce.
I hope you enjoyed looking at my new Bathroom, later in the week I am going to show you my bedroom all finished well nearly finished.

Until then
Blessings Mandy