Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have been on the lookout for the perfect light for the dinning room.
and I found it......
on the top shelf of my pantry. This light has been in the house since we moved in 25 years ago. With all the renos going on around here I forgot about it.

It is perfect now in the dinning room.

A close up of the glass bottom. It almost looks art deco to me. I am not sure how old it is and I have never seen one like it before.

What amazed me was when I was cleaning it up I found that the light fixture is copper. Below you can see that it was black and then all cleaned it is copper. I also have another shade but a little different I forgot to take a photo of it as I was to excited about this one.

I have never really noticed how nice the panelled ceiling is before. May be because it was a bedroom before and I never really looked at it. Funny how you don't see things when you live with them all the time.

Today I am not able to go to work as Alanah's car wasn't starting and she took mine.
So today I am going to give the boys room a good clean as the weather is a little cooler today. It has been raining and we have had 70 mls in the last 24 hours and all the creeks are up again.
I hope you are enjoying your day


  1. Everything is looking just lovely,and we had similar light when we bought our old home,so these are quite old and in such good order well done !!!

  2. It looks good it your dining room and love the patterned glass bottom.