Saturday, May 14, 2011

The vege patch......

Welcome to the vegepatch... I found these pots in Bunnings for only $20 each...had to have them, then I had to get something to put in them, bay tree in one and a mandarin tree in the other. I love the rustic look of them against the corrugated iron.

The 4 beds above and below are all planted up. Where the trellis is I have climbing beans and carrots.(purple dragon) I also have artichokes and asparagus planted in the bed beside that one.
Onions in the middle one(pearl drop & purplette) The last bed has potatoes.

Below is an over all shot of all the beds...7 in all.

(above is the artichokes and asparagus)

With all the leaves around the compost bins are almost full already.

As I walk into the vege patch, hopefully the sink will go up this weekend.

I put pots on all the star pickets, as they looked a bit dangerous especially with 2 boys out there skylarking about.

I have brought up the hay to mulch with when the plants get a bit bigger.

below...along the fence the strawberries are planted. These where all free on the side of the road. What a great spot this is for them,I can already see this bed full of large ripe strawberries.

Below is the fence you see from the road, I have planted sweet peas here. That old tank is going and a new will go in it's place.

I am so happy with my vege patch, this is a garden that has been along time coming, but was defiantly worth the wait....

I hope you enjoyed looking.

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  1. I loved seeing your Garden. Great photos. Nice to "happen upon" your Blog. Stop by and say "hello" sometime.