Saturday, June 25, 2011

End Of Term.......

The school holidays have arrived.

It has been a long tiring term, looking forward to no early morning lunch making and running to catch school buses.

Today Cassie has left for Coloundra with her cousins for a week, so it is just the two boys and me at home. They will have to spend some time at the workshop with me each day but I will work shorter days. They are old enough to do some general cleaning in the shop for some spending money.

Tomorrow I am going to Brisbane for a girls day out with 2 of my daughters Chloe and Alanah. We are of to Ikea for the day. I am hoping that they have the POD chairs there as I have wanted one for so long. I can see one hanging on my veranda in the sun for early morning cuppas.

Thursday my quilt arrived from Vietanam.OOOOOOHHHHH
it looks just as I imagined. This quilt was all hand made by local village women and the money goes straight to them.

Well I'm heading outside to enjoy the sun on this beautiful winter day.
Enjoy your week end

Thursday, June 16, 2011


When I read this post that is what I was doing


My little fruit trees are bearing a wonderful crop, the first one.

They have been in 3 years now and were 2 year old grafts when Greg and I planted them.

We have grapefruit, lemons, mandarins, oranges and lemonades. I have lost a citrus tree to all the rain, this is the sad little tree at the front.

I am going to replace it with an other mandarin tree as that is the children's favorite.

I also have tomatoes coming up everywhere, which is a real bonus. Lots of tomato soup will be on the menu I think.

I have managed to get a lot of pruning done around the yard the last week, despite the cold wind and rain. Still a lot to do yet though, I love the winter pruning. The garden has a bare beauty to it and also I get to see what is under all the shrubs.
Of course there is the planning of what to get to fill in those gaps that are left behind..

Driving around the farm on the week end I found this lonely sunflower, it reminded me of my favorite T.V show when I was a kid..Remember The Flower Pot Men... Mr Weeeeeeeed, Bill and Ben flower pot men.. Now that,s in my head I will probably being singing it to myself all day.
Hmmm maybe I could make some flowerpot men for the vege garden????

I am going in late to work today as I need to catch up on some washing and house work. Work is going well, even though it has taken me 18months to get the office in some kind of order. It is really hard when working there and trying to catch up on years of paper work..But come the 1st July every thing will be running smoothly....

But for now I had better get that washing on the line.

Blessings to all

and a special hello to Deb and my other friends and fellow bloggers in New Zealand


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do I drink to much wine..

That got your attention didn't it!!!

I have been keeping all my wine bottles and decided I needed to find a use for them.

What about a granny flat out the back?

and in the garden I could plant some bottle trees.

A pathway to the front gate, maybe?

A Christmas tree....
Most of the wine bottles are green so this maybe a goer.

Edging around the gardens?

I got it! a retainer wall wall in the vege garden, with a tower to look out over my kigdom.

To much to think about I'll just sit here a while to decide.

I may just have to go with the bottle trees I think.

Because one thing is for certain, I don't have enough bottles for a house. Maybe I just need to drink more...

Enjoy your day


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update on the Old Dairy Old.....

Work has been under way up at

The Old Dairy..
Remember this time last year when I had all the white ants in the house???Well they also ate the front wall out of the dairy....

I now have a nice front wall, still to be painted yet though.

Now if you compare The Old Dairy to the picture in the side bar you will see something else new.

Yep a little veranda. I think it makes the dairy look like a real little cottage. What do you think.

My Little old dairy has come a long way in the last two years that is for sure.

I hope you enjoyed the very quick update of

The Old Dairy

If you click on sewing room at the bottom of the post you can see all that has been done to the dairy.



Sunday, June 5, 2011

Along the pathways.....

Sitting on the veranda catching up on blogland, hmmmmm what a nice start to Sunday morning. I hope you had a nice start to your morning as well.

Then the garden started beckoning to me.

All nicely mulched for winter, but looking a little drab..I would like to put an entry way to this section of the garden.

Where Molly is standing is the path, I'm thinking post and rail fence either side and an arch to make a real entry.

A tree house for the boys is also down here.

This is the rain forest section of the garden and there is a few paths meandering around.

I love walking down here, every thing is a bit messy and over grown at the moment thoughLets go up to the Old Dairy and see what is happening.

Can you see any thing new?

When it is all finished I will show you....

Enjoy your Sunday