Monday, September 26, 2011

A Quick Hello........

Still enjoying the wonderful gardens that have been on display.
These first 3 photos were all taken at the Food and Wine festival...and yes you can get a little tipsy tasting different wines...and the cheeses and dips they had on offer mmmm... But I digress
Below is just one of the flower display at Saint Luke's Church....
We are still on spring break here for another week, so juggling children and work dosn't leave a lot of time for blogging.
I hope you all had a great week end...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers...

Hello all.....What a beautiful summer week end we had here in Toowoomba, and what a lovely time we have had being tourists in our own city.
The floats in the parade where spectacular this year.
I will not bore you with all the photos that the children took (138 photos in all!)
Just a few of our favs.
The ladies above were so elegant as they swayed and walked along.
After the parade it was of to the side show for some fun William and Mandy fun that is.
The Ferris wheel........
I know we are so brave..While we were freaking out because we had stopped at THE VERY TOP (Will took good care of me) I thought I could hear Cassie screaming. OK so there were hundreds of girls screaming on the rides but I'm sure I heard Cass, looking across to one ride sure enough there is my girl looking just as I felt. sick...sick...sick. Believe me that girl can scream.

After doing the Ferris wheel ride and getting the show bag I managed to sit down and have a nice long cup of coffee....The bonus was Colin Campbell from ABC Gardening Australia was giving a talk...
Tomorrow I will share some amazing floral arrangements..
enjoy your day

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Warm hellos to all on this wonderful sunny spring day.
I have been out and about playing in the garden. I dragged out one of the girls old push bikes from under the house, added a basket with flowers to the front and prettied up this corner of the back yard. Not exactly the old weathered bike I had in mind, but hey it works I think.
My Irises are out in bloom, as is the lavender. My roses are full of buds and it won't be long until I have a garden full of blooms.
There is colour in every corner of the garden.
Below is Oriental Lillie's. No these aren't from my garden but I planted a few that I ordered this year from Garden Express. I have ordered a lot through this on line nursery and I have had nothing but success with all I got. My lilies are about 10 inches high at the moment so have a way to go yet.
I never realized how many white flowering plants I have. I have snow in summer , fruit blossoms, walking orchid and jasmine in this arrangement.
I knew this little cane table would be good for something.
Yes another photo, just because it looks so pretty. O have I mentioned I love my new glass doors,
???? May I could do a post on them?
The sun is so bright, the family room stays warm all evening now. The mulberry tree out side got a hair cut yesterday as it was casting to much shade on the new solar panels.

Today is the beginning of our Spring break, the children get 2 weeks.. We are going to do the tourist thing here in our home town of Toowoomba as it is the Carnival Of Flowers week.
Every thing kicks of tomorrow, so if you are in town you might see me. I will be the one under the big hat dragging three bored children behind me looking at gardens and madly taking photos...
Blessings to all

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recycling and veges.....

Hello all....
How has your week been? Busy I am sure. I thought it was time to update how the vege patch is going. I lost a lot of stuff to frost through the winter, but the carrots are doing so well. We are harvesting them daily for tea. Also we have so many potatoes they were a real success. The climbing beans got frosted but a couple survived as you can see on the trellis above. I have planted more seeds though.
At the entrance I have sweet peas growing, they are almost finished, in fact all my spring flowering bulbs and flowers are all but been and gone. I have planted a climbing as well on the week end, so it will soon cover this fence.
Above is the artichokes, lettuce, bok choy and asparagus growing well in the far bed. Closer are the red onions and new planting of potatoes comming through.
Now for some recycling
Try not to laugh to hard......
Yesterday when I got home from work I was told there was a surprise in the vege garden for me.
Boy was I uncontrllable laughing may have been a bit mean I admit. Thankfully my Mother in-law was here and she was full of praise...Now this is recylcing at it's ultimite I think...Sink, from bins accross road.
Chairs( hahaha)also from bin accross road
pipe, taps and fittings all from shed.
One sink in vege garden for washing veges....
It gets better....
Look more chairs from bin across road...
This is going to be my potting bench, the bin has the potting mix in it, and the gate on top is used so that the potting mix can fall through to the bin and none is wasted. Now don't get me wrong great ideas....maybe you had to be there, but I really thought it was the funnist thing I had seen in a long time...Today I will get in and add my touch to it....
The wall of bottles is comming along as one and all drop there bottles of to me...
So what do you do with your old chairs???????????
Have a great day
and let me know what you think,
Truly what you think!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Out and About......

I hope every one had a great week-end, we had a busy week-end here but relaxing at the same time.
The table set for a spring time lunch, thought I would ditch the table cloth and go for place mats for a bit of a change.
Below is a big old tree that is right next to The Old Dairy. A lot of the wood is dead and it is dangerous.
So down she came..A friend from up the creek came down to do this. Ken has been pruning and chopping down trees here for a long time, and last time he was here he mentioned that this tree would need a good prune.
This is only half of the tree, the rest is OK to stay.
William found this hard hat and it didn't leave his head all week end.
As you can see it was a good size trunk to get through.
In the end it was two chain saws going, I am going to have plenty of wood next winter.
Robbie took all these photos and when he sat down I got one of him.
Sunday saw part of the Storey clan going on a picnic to Glen Rock.
Hmmmmm not much fishing as the creek was nearly dry, after all the flooding early on in the year there was lots to see and explore though.
Then time to sit and enjoy the view and a cuppa.
How was your week-end????
Have a great week.