Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Out and About......

I hope every one had a great week-end, we had a busy week-end here but relaxing at the same time.
The table set for a spring time lunch, thought I would ditch the table cloth and go for place mats for a bit of a change.
Below is a big old tree that is right next to The Old Dairy. A lot of the wood is dead and it is dangerous.
So down she came..A friend from up the creek came down to do this. Ken has been pruning and chopping down trees here for a long time, and last time he was here he mentioned that this tree would need a good prune.
This is only half of the tree, the rest is OK to stay.
William found this hard hat and it didn't leave his head all week end.
As you can see it was a good size trunk to get through.
In the end it was two chain saws going, I am going to have plenty of wood next winter.
Robbie took all these photos and when he sat down I got one of him.
Sunday saw part of the Storey clan going on a picnic to Glen Rock.
Hmmmmm not much fishing as the creek was nearly dry, after all the flooding early on in the year there was lots to see and explore though.
Then time to sit and enjoy the view and a cuppa.
How was your week-end????
Have a great week.


  1. So sad anytime a tree has to be cut down, but definitely a good thing to get rid of the dead wood before it did damage...Great photos!...We've had a slow, laid-back weekend, but leaving tomorrow for a short trip to Oklahoma to see family. :-)

  2. That is a huge tree! I hate when trees die, they are so pretty and provide much needed shade. We have a dead tree right up against the house. It will cost us about $600 to have it taken down and the trunk ground out. It's still there, LOL and probably will be for a while! Your sons are cuties.

  3. It is always a pity to lose a tree, but you will feel much safer now without worrying about the tree dropping a branch on your home/loved ones! The picnic sounds lovely. We have been doing a Spring clean of the house and changing decor for the new season too.