Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers...

Hello all.....What a beautiful summer week end we had here in Toowoomba, and what a lovely time we have had being tourists in our own city.
The floats in the parade where spectacular this year.
I will not bore you with all the photos that the children took (138 photos in all!)
Just a few of our favs.
The ladies above were so elegant as they swayed and walked along.
After the parade it was of to the side show for some fun William and Mandy fun that is.
The Ferris wheel........
I know we are so brave..While we were freaking out because we had stopped at THE VERY TOP (Will took good care of me) I thought I could hear Cassie screaming. OK so there were hundreds of girls screaming on the rides but I'm sure I heard Cass, looking across to one ride sure enough there is my girl looking just as I felt. sick...sick...sick. Believe me that girl can scream.

After doing the Ferris wheel ride and getting the show bag I managed to sit down and have a nice long cup of coffee....The bonus was Colin Campbell from ABC Gardening Australia was giving a talk...
Tomorrow I will share some amazing floral arrangements..
enjoy your day


  1. WOW! Those flowers look amazing. It must have been a lovely day and I am glad you had fun. God bless x

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