Monday, November 28, 2011

Catch up.

                                      How was your week end? I know it's Tuesday already and I'm asking about your week end. Saturday saw us getting our first backpackers to stay, they are French and lovely. Sunday saw us putting up the Christmas Tree and outside Christmas lights.

I have spent the last week mowing and weeding after all the lovely rain we had last week. Every thing was in need of a drink and looking dry. Amazing what a good soaking rain can do. Every thing is growing and looking clean and green.

All my agapanthis are starting to flower throughout the garden. The wagon wheel below Robbie found in the creek after the flood, it has found a new home in my garden now.
One side of the gate my aggies are flowering but not the other. The ones in the shade always flower first though.

I am going to get a cuppa and see what you have been up to over the week end.


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  1. Your flowers are beautiful and I am envious of your warm weather and all the "green". Seeing your photos is so refreshing!