Monday, November 14, 2011

A Pantry Clean up...

 I have been busy over the week end. Busy getting my cup boards organized. Above is a photo of my pantry   before I got in and cleaned and reorganized it.
Below is the laundry cupboard before.
 And now all nice and clean.
 I even got around to tiding my laundry,
 and putting a shelf up that has been sitting there waiting.
 For some reason blogger has uploaded all the photos in the wrong order arghhhh.
Here are all the teatowels and table clothes in there new home.
 I now have all the kitchen linen sorted and in baskets.
 I have now got more in here than when I started as I have emptied the linen cupboard and stored it all in the drawers at the bottom.
 I am happy how organized it all is now, funny how I let things get into such a mess then I have a major clean out on my hands.
The week end was full of cleaning and gardening, but so much was done that I'm happy. What did you get up to on your week end.


  1. Mandy do you want to visit with me, my house could do with some of your talent, especially in the pantry, yours is looking great!

  2. Wow, Mandy. I had quite a bit of reading to catch up on and your house is looking so pretty. I love the white paint, so fresh, clean, light reflecting. Your family, all your precious children. Happy and smiling, you must be so in love with all of them.

    Liz (aka Ninny and Passionate Flea, I have two blogs now. What was I thinking?)

  3. Looks fantastic, I will be doing the same this weekend.

  4. I love a well organised pantry. I have labels for each shelf telling people what goes where. Do you think they take any notice? No - the sauce makes it to the Oils/vinegars shelf, the vegemite goes in between the cereals and the milo gets shoved in with the flours and baking goods! Honestly, it nearly drives me to drink!

    I hope you have more luck keeping it tidy than I would - lol!


  5. you have been busy too and your pantry and laundry look a lot better. Feels good when it is done :0)