Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm Sitll here! Are you?????

Hello all!!!!
I have been the worst blogger ever lately, I haven't even been by to see what you are all getting up to.

Some times life just gets too busy doesn't it????
Life is never dull here at The Old Dairy though let me tell you. My pantry is getting yet an other make over as you can see by the mess below. I know always doing something, but this is a little different I'm not responsible for it.

Here is a little hint of whats going on today...It will be all finished when I get home and then I will share it all  with you.

Today though I am meeting my Mum and we are spending the day together.

You would be forgiven in thinking I have a homeless person living on my veranda...Around these parts he is known as Box Boy.
Yep William has moved into his box.
If you look below you can see a head sticking out of the sleeping bag, also note the pile of books beside the sleeping boy....Yep never know when you need to read something while passing the hours in your box.
I love boys especially this little 8 year old. Will has always had a great imagination and goes of and plays by himself...or in a box for hours...

I will be more regular with my posts from now on and I will fill you all in very soon as to why I have been so busy...
Until then enjoy your last week end before Christmas.


  1. I think it's great when kids can entertain themselves by using their imagination, or a BOX! LOL. Loved the photo!

    Can't wait to see what you're up to.
    Waiting. . .

  2. Your son reminds me of my son when he was 3. We had just purchased a new TV and the cardboard box was still in the living room. When it was about time for dinner, I looked outside to see if he was playing with the neighbor kids. They said, "no," they hadn't seen him all afternoon. After frantic searching and calling around the neighborhood, I went back inside to call the police but the TV box caught my eye. I lifted the flap, and there he was--curled up inside fast asleep!

    OK, you've piqued my curiosity with your pantry! Whatever have you done? Or maybe I should say, haven't done. At least you said you weren't responsible for it. I'm all confused! ;-)