Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chickens and kick boxing........

I hope all  my Australian readers enjoyed there Australia Day celebrations.We stayed home to build our new Chook Pen.

Boy O boy was it hot though, we  lit up the barbie at lunch time and cooked a feast for our French workers..Then all came inside to the air con...

I know not quite the some but it was a cool relief.
Below is the chook pen I have now, as  the garden has grown I need to move it out of the main yard as when I let them out they are wrecking the garden.

It is a bit of an eye sore where it is as well..

There new home will be down the garden path and out through the Red gate. Out here in the farm they will be able to roam to there hearts content and not get into any mischief.

As you can see it will be a large pen divided into 3 separate pens, I have plans...I want to keep my different rare breeds separate and eventually bred them..

We were hoping to get it finished off today but it is still raining. Lovin the rain and it is cold here after our 35+ temp last week it is only 19 degrees. Crazy weather..

Today the children and I are going to try Kick boxing.....hahahahah I know me and kick boxing, but it has started at the little local hall. I will try anthing once, I'll let you know how it goes...

What does one wear to kick boxing?????

Enjoy your week end what ever you are doing..

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