Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time for a Break....

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words for my last post...I am feeling a bit better now, not as sore. As if kick boxing isn't enough I got an email yesterday saying that they are starting Yoga at the Hall on Monday night..Hhahahaha I'm thinking
Saturday get all your aggression out then on Monday go along and learn to relax. hmmm not sure about the yoga, last time I tried it I loved the exercise part but the chanting bit no way. Do any off you ladies do Yoga and what do you think???

 Above is my workshop, somewhere I spend way to much time. I was there a lot through the school holidays.
SOOOOOOO tomorrow we are going to the Gold Coast. We have never had a holiday there, ever. On Friday we are going to Dreamworld..... last time I went was 25 years ago when David was a toddler.We are all looking forward to it. 

We'll catch up at the beach....



  1. Mandy, have a wonderful holiday you deserve it. Relax and hopefully the weather will be fantastic. Im envious I would love to start kickboxing. Take care

  2. Have a great holiday on the GC - hope the weather is great!


  3. What is Dream World?
    Obviously it's somewhere really fun! Enjoy!

  4. Enjoy your holiday. God bless x