Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A sewing nook..

How is Tuesday going for you????
It is wet here and starting to get cool, all good reasons to get my sewing machine set up.
Come for a quick look at where I have made a little sewing nook.
 First I cleaned out this cupboard and put in some of my sewing things, there is still so much more in The Old Dairy to bring down. For a start though this is good.

While I was sorting  out the cupboard I had a load of lovely old Tablecloths and doilies that I had picked up from the Op shop the day before hanging on the line after being washed in bleach.

 Once they where all dry though I had to get sewing, I have had a need to create something, any thing for a while now.

Down came my little sewing table and machine and then that was it I started sewing before I finished getting every thing done.
 What is the quickest and easiest thing to sew when you have a stash of old dollies...
A banner of course.

So quick and easy to run up and so pretty..It has found a home in the lounge room where a wall came out, it looks pretty against the back ground of my plates. 

All I did was cut them in half then sew them onto some binding....I have yet to finish the sewing nook..But at least I'm sewing again....

Have a great day


  1. I love seeing all your projects and all the changes and updates you make. You are one busy gal.
    Good job!

  2. It is so nice for you to have a spot to be creative. Your sewing nook is coming along nicely Mandy and your banner looks lovely. I am looking forward to seeing more of your projects. xx

  3. What an awesome sewing room..I would love a place like that. Your banner turned out so well and your home is beautiful.