Monday, April 30, 2012

Beach Decorating....

Happy Monday all.....

 How was your week end? Wet, sunny?
We had a week end of full on rain which my garden was very thankful for, but made doing any gardening out of the question.

The wet weather did have me thinking about being at the beach and missing my long sunny walks along the beach....QLD does have the best beaches in the world after all.

 Now I know there is a lot of beach inspired blogs out there, and now I'm seeing why? 
I miss the casualness being on the beach brings(no shoes, no makeup hahah) so  I thought I would do a little bit of beachy casual decorating here to The Old Dairy.
 I gathered some (I do mean some I have a thing for drift wood)of our rocks, shells, driftwood etc that we have gathered and added a little beach to the family room.

A sweet little shell box, some driftwood and of course a  bottle of coloured sand from Rainbow Beach.

I grouped them all together with my oars and my favorite cane lamp on the chest at the back door and now every time I walk out the back door I have a smile and remember all the goods times at the Beach.

 I hope you all enjoyed my little beach themed corner...

Later in the week I will show a rather big project we worked on over the week end. Below is a little peek.


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