Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Old Shed...

Wednesday greetings, and yes Wednesday already and I haven't shown you what we did on the week end.

I am making a few changes to The Old Dairy.
Above is the front of the Dairy and the guest quarters, below is the shed at the back. I have always had plans for this shed.

Other then having somewhere to park the mower.
  I have always seen this area as an outside kitchen and living area and then the old dairy will just be used for sleeping.(no more craft room) 

BUT The inside....O my
My darling Greg used this as a dumping ground and his little sons are no better. Poly pipe, wood, steel, push bikes etc I think you get the picture.

 O and lets not forget motor bikes
So that is what this shed looked like before. A mess. So we got to cleaning it all out, it is now empty. Why ?you ask...

My youngest daughter Cassandra turned 16 on Sunday...Below you can see her and her new  birthday pressie...
Meet Chili the Tapoddle. But also I have always given my girls a sweet 16th birthday party. Cassie wanted a bush themed party. Now what better place to have it than in the old shed.

So we cleared and we cleaned and we cleaned some more.
it was all empty.(cold beer here)


 OK so now it just looks like an empty shed(which it is) but boy do I have plans...
This shed is going to become our main entertaining area. The above area I am turning into a outdoor kitchen. Below will be the shed for parties.
I have been having fun getting this shed ready for 30 16yr olds on Saturday night.(twitch twitch)
It only has a dirt floor so we got hold of some old carpet hessian side up and tar dar a floor.
I have been bringing in furniture and decorating it all for a bush theme...
It is starting to look good, I will show you it all decorated when it is finished.

Now I need a name to call this area.
The Old Shed????
hmmmm    any suggestions at all?
Let me know what you think...


  1. Hi, I have just found your blog and over a lovely cuppa I enjoyed reading about your idealic farm. Wa that a poodle I spied in your daughters arms, as I have two woderful, crazy chocolate poodles, who with the help of my grandson whom I look after run me ragged most days. I am also doing a reno project, I have just about completed a fibro beach shack on the central coast of NSW. I grew up in Brisbane, I must admit I love the fast pace much better in Sydney. We spent some very memorable times in Toowoomba. I love your project and look forward to reading more about it. So I will follow you. I do hope you pop on over to my blog and say hello! x Roberta

  2. How about the Dairy Shed or the Bush Shed? Glad it's you and not me dealing with 30 x 16 years olds (twitch twitch!) - I'm still recovering from Brianna's 18th!

    What is a tapoodle crossed with?

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. The only name that came into my head was "The Love Shack", it may not be appropriate though, just my contribution.

    Joolz's suggestion of "The Bush Shed" sounds good :)

    Maybe name the shed in Greg's memory...

    It will be a fantastic area when you are finished. Boy am I glad that my 16 yo didn't want a party, I feel for you but I bet they all have a great time!


  4. Love your daughters present:0) and what is the cross poodle and what?
    What about the Outback Shack, Party shack and the above suggestions are good too.

  5. Oh I love old shed's used for parties, they always look great, can't wait to see it!
    Thanks for visiting me!