Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What a mess.......

I wanted to show you the work from the week end. Below is all the new tongue and grove panelling that went up in the dinning room. 

Below you can see it was just plain board and I wanted  it to match the rest of the house.I have decided to go only as far as the windows though with a chair rail going around to finish it off.
Yes it sounds confusing but I can see it in my mind ( looks good there hahaha) 
Also all the little skirting board came up, this is the last room to get done.

 And it was replaced with some nice wide skirting board, the wider board makes it look finished. After 12months the dinning room is finally getting finished....Just the painting to go and you all know that I don't like painting.

 Enter back packers.
Yesterday while I was at work Mark from Denmark(below) sanded the room for me, so when I got home there was a great big b***** mess to clean up. Fine blue paint EVERYWHERE, but did I sit down and cry even though I wanted to? noooooo I just got in and cleaned it all up thinking that it's not that bad as I didn't have to do any sanding.
Today he is busy doing the ceiling, so more fine dust when I get home..
I no I have said it before but having back packers have been the best thing I have ever done as so much is getting done...yes I am even going to get him painting...
I will keep you up to date.


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  1. Progress is always a bit painful, but gives so much to hope for too. Your home is looking lovely and it will all be worth it in the end:) God bless x