Thursday, August 23, 2012

In the garden....

 Thank you all for your wonderful comments  on my last post...I am tyring to reply to your comments but blogger won't let me email from comments so I don't know what I'm doing wrong,any ideas????
I Have had a lovely day in the garden weeding, planting out cuttings from my Mum and Auntie that I got at Easter Time....mulching and general cleaning up. I also have backpackers helping me every day, without them I would not be able to keep the garden looking as good as it does.

Chloe and Damian get married in this section of the garden in 10 days....Yes another wedding. This is also the only area to get frosted so I'm watering the grass to try to green it up a little bit. It will all look so good on the day I'm sure.
 I do need to add a bit of color though to the garden I think' a few more daisies and flowers should do the trick and give the added colour...
My cupboard is filling up fast as you can see....Lately I have found some silver salt and pepper shakers..Not enough to do all the tables, but the 3 pairs will add some bling to the bridal table very nicely I think.
I also have found lots of cake stand plates with the holes in them but the stand part I can not find...I wonder if any one will notice there plate has I whole in it??????? I will keep looking for the stands though but I think every one else looks for them too.
Bruce found the chairs above for me at the dump, so that makes them free. I love them so retro and worn to just the right shabby, they look great out side with my metal table...I find that one can never have to many chairs.....
Actully I am selling some chairs, my red leather ones are going. I love them but they are to big for in the kitchen, so I am getting rid of the table and chairs in there and putting my smaller one back in..$4oo for the lot if any one is interested let me know...

Enjoy your week end


  1. Hi Mandy,
    'Anne from Eight Acres of Eden makes cake plate stands so she should know where you can buy the stand bit or maybe you can arrange to buy some from her. Here's the link, she has a lovely blog.

    Another wedding! Gee wizz!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. I found these on ebay you might like to buy them

  3. Can't wait to see this all set up..just my thing....good luck with the stands.

  4. Oooh another wedding, I love weddings! I can't wait to see some pics after the big event. The spot in your garden where they will get married looks lovely just as it is. It will make for some beautiful photos!

  5. Another wedding in the family!
    I think we all love weddings:0)
    You should be able to buy the stands somewhere online.

  6. Anne put me onto her seller on eBay her name is Thea and she sells from Australia, a lot of the others are from Hong Kong. If I can find her I will send you a link.

  7. Mandy I have one if you email me on with your address I will put it in the mail for you on Monday.