Friday, October 19, 2012

Back Garden

Hi all..I thought I would show you a different part of the garden today, starting at the pool.
I am making a window in the hedge so that you can see the kids swimming in the pool, it is a work in progress as you can see, but I know it will be awsome when it grows a bit more.

Now we will make our way down the back, as you can see this area of the garden is very different to the gardens around the house. Greg got the rain forest garden started 16 years ago..

I have made a lot of paths through this area so the kids can run and hide, William loves to play Army men down here.

This is the back fence and my red gate leads out to the chook pen. This area is very dry so it is filled with geraniums, salvias and a few grasses...

I have planted this beautiful Japanese Lantern Flower down here and also one up near the house. I will see which does better, I fell in love with this plant while looking around the gardens last month.
My walking orchard loves it down here and I have let it go a little wild but it looks so pretty and adds some depth to the garden.

Next time I will show you another section of the garden. I have lots of areas in my garden and love each area as they are different.
Below is a photo I found of Alanah's going away party...Yep I am missing here sooooo much we all are.
I am working this week end as I am not doing well with keeping up the book work there is so much to do........arghhhhh.
May be Sunday arvo I will get out to the garden, it needs work and I need to get out there and relax..
Enjoy your week end what ever you are doing.

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