Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Catch Up......

I hope every one of you had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New year. Our Christmas was very quiet this year with 3 of the children away.

I closed  the workshop down over Christmas and New year so spent 10 days at home titivating around the house. Soooooo nice to be at home and just be me.
I have cleaned and cooked and read and gardened and done all those lovely things I don,t do enough of any more.
I have been moving furniture around as well, the white cabinet  has found a new home in the kitchen, as you can see above it was near the side door, and below in the kitchen. Not to sure if I like it there yet or not..
A close up of my new stools which i just love. They bring a little touch of modern into this old house, and yet they go with my 1950's red table...

 I am looking forward to this new year with 3 grand babies due Jan, Feb and March...No 1 should be here soon we are hoping, well Chloe is hoping it will be soon. I miss having little ones around the place, we love it when Jess brings Grace home to visit, she is the sweetest little girl, I don't like being a long distance Granny but that is life and these children of mine do tend to move away.
I guess that means Greg and I did a alright job with them that they grew up to be independent Men and Women, that aren't afraid to move away and have a life of there own. Hmmmmm getting a little soppy here sorry about that, did I mention I am missing my kids.....
I am now going to catch up with you all and see how your New Year is going...
Blessing to All

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